Twitch Supports the FGC by Flying Top Players to SCR 2014

The Fighting Game Community (FGC) was an early adopter of the streaming service Twitch to broadcast major and local tournaments around the world. Twitch is showing some support for the FGC by flying Wao and Yubiken Michael-tan to the U.S. for the first time to compete in the upcoming SoCal Regionals 2014 (SCR) tournament. Both competitors are high level Street Fighter players that had good success in the most recent Topanga League based in Japan.

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JoeIsMad3263d ago

It's about time that the fightingcommun ity gets as much respect as League of Legends.

Stevefantisy3263d ago

I agree the fighting community needs a good come back this is a good start.

Magnus7013263d ago

Come back? The FGC never went away. Back when twitch was still somewhat new, Evo broke all streaming records by getting a million unique viewers. The FGC made twitch a thing. Then RTS moved from YouTube and other services and took over.

Jacktrauma3263d ago

Glad to see some press that doesn't involve an MMO, FPS, or a MOBA. The over saturation of all those genres bores me to tears and is killing gaming