13 Best Upcoming Console Games of 2014

Chillopedia: Last year saw the release of two of the most anticipated video game consoles of the past decade, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Both consoles having sold millions of units till date, but still lack a good collection of next generation game titles. Even Wii U which was released an year earlier doesn’t possess much notable games.

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TheOmniGamer3317d ago

Thief ahead of Halo 5, Destiny, Kingdom Hearts 3 and Smash Bros... -_-

MisterFantastic3317d ago

where's Watch Dogs!!!! Oh god I hope it wasn't delayed >=(

Luke_fon_Fabre3316d ago

Why are KHIII and FFXV on here? Maybe I'd be okay with FFXV since there's a tiny, tiny chance it could come in 2014, but I would be pretty damn surprised if KHIII releases in 2014.