God of War PS4: Will it Happen?

GamerFitnation: Santa Monica and Ready at Dawn Studios are currently working on The Order: 1886, and while we were recently treated to a gameplay reveal, there was still one question on my mind: What about God of War for the PS4?

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micx3796d ago

The question is when, not will.

Aces173796d ago

It needs to happen. God of War 3 was a top 5 game of last gen to me.

ramiuk13796d ago

think back how amazing the vistas looked on all of the last 3,purely mindlowing how u traversed the levels and areas.

i cant imagine how good they would look on ps4,infact it hurts my head just trying

TheTwelve3796d ago

God of War 3 was one of my best experiences on the PS3, truly showcased what that console can do.

SharnOfTheDEAD3796d ago

I can't argue, God Of War 3 really raised the bar in so many ways. I hope to see Kratos come to PS4

waltyftm3796d ago

Agreed, and you can bet your first born on it.

darthv723796d ago

Oh it will happen. Just as there can't be a nintendo without a mario game or an xbox without a halo game...there cant be a playstation without a god of war game.

Okay, technically the ps1 didnt have a GoW game but you get the idea.

BelkingOfSony3796d ago

Hope that also means the psvita will get its own god of war (the hd collection and the psp games don't count)

3-4-53796d ago

K, so I used to hate on this series when I didn't know much about it years ago. It was ignorant.

Are these pure hack n slash ?

How is the story ?

The Vita collection looks interesting but I'm not sure if I would like them.

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Mikelarry3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

last time i checked ps4 does not support 4k gaming

edit: yup i was right no 4k gaming


bradfh3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Who cares about 4k gaming you need the monitor to support it. Also 4K resolution is for videos not gaming unless you're on PC.

Convas3796d ago

Is Sony porting the next God of War to PC because ...

pyramidshead3796d ago

Yes, although very curious how they plan on continuing the story because...well..you know

Sounds like it won't be for a while though which is needed but definitely looking forward to a next gen GodOW.

Dark113796d ago

Can't wait for more GOW!!
but please move on from Kratos Saga and go for a new setting.

BelkingOfSony3796d ago

A new setting using other gods such as the nordic ones woukd be epic, imagine fighting a giant thor with the lightning and the big hammer

Tontus3796d ago

New setting & mythology (Egyptian) but keep Kratos.

They can change Kratos a bit though, make him more relatable, less insane, more conscientious etc.