Yakuza: Ishin - First PS4 game to disable sharing function

Yakuza: Ishin is the first game to disable ps4's sharing function.
It is impossible to distribute or show on the web the adventures of Ryoma Sakamoto. What is happening now in the? A message appears and indicates "unable to capture the screen." And going to streaming options? The files are empty and PS4 refuses to launch direct.

See the screenshot below the link.


After commentaries, i add that this news is for Yakuza: Ishin, the "full game", not for the demo !
You CAN'T SHARE the full game, but you can with the demo, and videos on twitch is only videos of the playable demo !

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Axisian1786d ago

I was watching a stream from the game yesterday... Weird.

Are you sure the article is not mistaken?

DonMingos1786d ago

Maybe it is because he is trying to stream from a EU PSN account a game that is available only in Japan

sigfredod1786d ago

Yes this is fake are streamings right now

SonyROXitoohya1786d ago

U can stream any game, u don't need the share button....the share button just makes it easier for every day gamers to stream.

Axisian1786d ago

I assure you, the stream was directly from PS4. (The PS4 streaming UI is obvious).

Besides, I'm pretty sure the developers said something about Interactive Streaming features in this game... Like typing in the comments to increase health and whatnot.

AceBlazer131786d ago

I uploaded demo gameplay yesterday, only things is that it had a black box with the word sega at the lower right corner.

morganfell1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

I am at Twitch right now 130 PM EST US and there are a few live PS4 Direct Streams going at the moment.

Just go to and search for Yakuza Ishin.

ZodTheRipper1786d ago

Only parts of the game (e. g. story spoilers) can't be shared, simple as that.

fenome1785d ago

I was watching a stream of it yesterday too. It was some arena duel or something..

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mcarsehat1786d ago

depends if its a single player game (spoilers)

kopicha1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

yes i believe it if i am stupid. there is no issue with the sharing. the only thing it does not capture is the Cut Scenes but it will capture the game play

Iltapalanyymi1786d ago

i noticed this yesterday while playing the demo.

EvilGost1786d ago

I think Don't unterstand why developers disable this functionality, it's promotional for a game...

DeadMansHand1785d ago

Look at the Thief debacle. A guy got an early copy, went to GAF and linked has twitch account. He then proceeded to play and about 1.2 million people then saw how shoddy the AI was, the lack of story or interesting NPCs, how crappy the physics were and how horrible the hub was in terms of level design. Then came page after page of comments that amounted to, "well, preorder cancelled now".

Doesn't take a genius to see that when devs know they have a turd on their hands that allowing the world to see it before they make a purchase is not in their best interests.

Nightmar3Demom1786d ago

Well, that's a game I won't be buying.

3-4-51786d ago

z-cba - You won't play a game because you can't show everybody how "good" you are ?

Nightmar3Demom1786d ago

No, actually I really stink at most games. I just don't like the idea of a developer disabling functionality. They can if they want, and I can choose not to buy it if I want.

KwietStorm1786d ago

Ignoring the fact that there are streams right now, that's a really stupid reason to not buy a game.

Nightmar3Demom1786d ago

And that would also be a really stupid reason to write the article

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The story is too old to be commented.