Molyneux Says He’ll Never Make His Perfect Game, and “Fable III was a trainwreck”

T1 - Famously outspoken British games designer Peter Molyneux has being reigning in his insane press promises recently, and it seems he’s finally learning to stop over hyping his projects. Speaking to Develop in an interview published today, the god-genre creator admits Fable III was a “train wreck”, and that he’ll never make what he sees as his “perfect gem” of a game.

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TheLyonKing3800d ago

Fable 3 was a train wreck so they put the next game on basically a traintrack.

Molyneux suffers from over hyping himself, nothing wrong with dreaming big but eh does tend to over exaggerate sometimes.

Never say never though Mr M

amiga-man3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

Back in the day this guy had talent and I always looked forward to the games he created, unfortunately that was in the old Amiga days and he has nowhere near the same drive or creativity he once had.

Teams like Naughty Dog have risen to the top. Molyneux is old hat now living on past glories with his best days sadly long gone.

Hatsune-Miku3800d ago

I'm a gamer and would have loved to see this guy's best work when given the freedom to do whatever. He wasted his time at Microsoft when he saw the climate there. He should have been trying to get in with a game development studio over at sony so he can pitch or make his perfect game.

Ratty3800d ago

The guy worships Microsoft at every turn. I don't think he's having any regrets about that.

darx3800d ago

Not saying Naughty Dog are not talented but nothing really crative about their games.

frostypants3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

Molyneaux needs to go back to games with original ideas and epic scope like Black & White. In fact, a new Black & White would be awesome...today's hardware could finally pull off the full vision and potential of that game. To this day no one has made a game like it, and the scale of the battles could be absolutely insane now.

kreate3800d ago

I don't even expect creativity.
Just take other ppl ideas and create a good game if u have to.

Fable suffers from fundamental issues. Just take a look at the character design. They look like crap. The game is a RPG game that also focuses on marriage and children, yet there's no one to marry. And u can only have limited kids. I married a white girl but my kid comes out black. Retarded menu layout and etc etc.

It seems like his team created the game but he himself never played it until now or something.

Finally realized its a train wreck.

Black-Helghast3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

@Darx: Lol, Naughty Dog games aren't creative? Have you ever played a Crash Bandicoot game? What about the Jak series, you're telling me those games aren't creative?

Coming up with a story ALONE requires creativity.

webeblazing3800d ago

maybe he need to go back to making pc exclusives. his last game was ok.

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Mr Pumblechook3800d ago

I love the setting of Fable, the oddly British characters, the world but feel the actual game design needs a complete overhaul. The problem is that it is very old school in a bad way. It's not open world just a series of separate places. This was acceptable when the first game came out but for the third game it was problematic.
Angry Joe said it best. http://angryjoeshow.com/201...

III was bad. Disjointed and filled with problems. One little thing I hated was that to become friends with anyone, you had to do the sexy dirty dance routine. To romance someone that made sense, but to make friends it smacked of feature creep.

So when Molyneux calls it a train wreck I have to agree - the problem is he was in charge.

andrewsqual3800d ago

He should announce more incredible insight. Like Black and White 2 may have actually been awful but don't take my word for it.

kiz26943800d ago

I don't think any game dev makes there perfect game, that's what makes them create more games.

hulk_bash19873800d ago

"Molyneux Says He’ll Never Make His Perfect Game" - The reason why his games never meet expectation is because he over hypes them beyond what he is able to achieve. Fable was a pretty great series that was brought down by unreachable expectations created by it's own creator.

aaron58293800d ago

well... i played black and white and fable... awesome games back then...

Hellsvacancy3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

Populous The Beginning is one of my favourite games of all time, he should remake it or make a new one, same for Black And White, but he wastes his time on things like Curiosity, thinking he can make people curious, like he's some sort of know it all

tapaz3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

A developer who actually admits that he's made mistakes. Dunno about you guys but I actually feel sorry for him and he deserves my respect. I wish Peter all the best for whatever his future endeavors may be.

Gohadouken3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

I would , except he keeps making mea culpa only eons after making each games , not around release timeframe .

Not mad at him , but tired of that antic . He exagerates , sometimes even lies about game features and promised goal , then scale back a lot on those , without saying anything . The game goes out , some , if not plenty loves it , but it's nothing like hyped ..

He let some time goes , then right when he starts a sequel or new project , he makes his mea culpa , bash a bit his previous game ... rinse and repeat .

It's pretty much a meme now . No one expect a dev to crap on a game he is about to sell , so introspection and guilt would only usually appears much later , but he takes it overboard .

tapaz3800d ago

I understand. I guess I should have mentioned that the games that I've played designed by Molyneux are limited to Black and White series (which I loved) and the first 2 Fable games (the first one being pretty good although didn't deliver most of the aspects he "envisioned", and don't even get me started on the second one).

I still hope he at least learns from his mistakes is all, I mean the guy has got talent no doubt.

evilsooty3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

I thought the same thing until I backed his Kickstarter project Godus under false pretences that it would be a proper PC game and a successor to Populous. What we got was a cash-grab, Facebook cow clicker and zero communication or updates for months.

I have no respect for him whatsoever if that's how he treats customers and fans. He is a has been and I can only assume that his success at Bullfrog was due to being surrounded by a team of talented people.

Seriously, go look at the Godus steam forums for a laugh and bear in mind the people posting there are those who gave him a chance. The negative reviews are at around 95%.