Deus Ex: The Fall - First PC Screenshots Unveiled

Square Enix has revealed that first screenshots from the PC version of Deus Ex: The Fall.

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jay22833d ago

At £8, I'm not complaining. love these games.

saladthieves2833d ago

I already have this game installed on my Samsung Galaxy S4. I wasn't aware that it was being ported to the PC!

TheRealTedCruz2833d ago

Really happy to see a PC release

Yui_Suzumiya2833d ago

I want a PSN release for PS3/PS4/Vita

No_Pantaloons2833d ago

Should have been on PC to begin with.

ginsunuva2833d ago

They were like "Let's put it on mobile! We'll make bajillions of dollars like angry/flappy birds."

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