Grandia III - The Game That Killed A Franchise

In many ways, Grandia III was the best of the series. It did a lot of things right. But, what it did wrong was so terrible that there hasn’t been a new Grandia game for over nine years (not including the MMO).

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jreeves822608d ago

I have to disagree with the article. I thought Grandia 3 was amazing.

MichaelZack2608d ago

Very cool. I can see why some people would like it. I thought the game mechanics were excellent... far more refined than any of the other Grandia games

Bimkoblerutso2608d ago

I have to agree with MichaelZack. Grandia 3 was just...all around "meh" for me in the story and characters department.

But good god, that combat system. It's sad that it is doomed to be lost to obscurity. It was a thing of beauty. Everyone I know who has played the franchise says the exact same thing, too. Even sadder considering the poor mechanics people "settle" for nowadays as a concession to "retro-ness" or simply putting up with combat to get to the story.

maniacmayhem2608d ago

"Grandia III has easily the best battle mechanics in any of the Grandia games."

When I first played Grandia III, this was my exact thought. Loved the battle system.

Ravenheartzero2608d ago

Not releasing in Europe didn't help, had to import!


My first and only experience (so far, sadly) with this series was Grandia II on Dreamcast, and I really enjoyed my time with that game and always intended to go back and try other games in the franchise, based on the impression from the one that I have played (just haven't gotten around to it yet). Was this one really that terrible?

mydyingparadiselost2608d ago

I've played and beaten the first two Grandia games, loved both of them even though the PS2 version of Grandia II runs like molasses in Witch Time, and the third one lost me almost as hard as Extreme did. The characters are awful, the voice acting is wince worthy and I stopped playing half way through. It's a shame because the combat system did improve greatly but awesome mechanics only go oh so far when your presentation is such a messes :/

princejb1342608d ago

Grandma 2 was the best
One of my favorite RPGs
The first one is good 2
3 and extreme didn't enjoy very much

PoSTedUP2608d ago

someone recommended Grandia to me a month or so ago, bought the first one and have been playing it/fell in love ever since.

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The story is too old to be commented.