Sniper Elite 3 Preview: Open-ended tactical combat | GameZone

GameZone: Tactical shooters are generating quite the buzz as of late. With plenty of smaller studios instilling feelings of nostalgia, it's obvious that there's a lovely little niche market for the genre. When you consider the Sniper Elite series, however, it's impossible to think about these games on a smaller scale. Launching in 2005, the Sniper Elite games have garnered impressive critical acclaim and a great fan following. The series is back with Sniper Elite 3, and this time around, the battlefield is more evolved, open, and daunting, allowing you to craft your own legacy as a skilled soldier.

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AgentSmithPS41695d ago

"One great feature in Sniper Elite 3 is the ability to combine gadgets Matlock-style." <--- Matlock lol.

I never knew about this game until I saw the cool x-ray videos of bullets going through a body in slomo, it's nice to read that there's more too it and that it's different from other similar games. It has co-op mode too :).