More Capcom Wii Support? Okami Selling Less

Capcom Europe recently dropped a small hint of more Wii support to be announced in June.

Whilst discussing sales for Okami on Wii, Capcom's Christian Svensson has revealed that the game has sold less than the PS2 version at this stage of release.

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wolfehound225121d ago

I know that the Wii is the leader in console sales in probably will win this generation, but it is only a matter of time till some of these developers that are optioning for the cheaper console to develop for with the biggest install base realize that there games do not sell on the Wii. Now i have a Wii and I will pick up any game that looks fun, but in all honesty the majority of the people will never get anything else other than Wii sports or Nintendo first party games. Developers are bound to realize this soon and I imagine that a couple years done the road there will be less and less third party support.

titntin5121d ago

I have to agree. The sales of WII have been phenomenal, but 3rd party games are not flying off the shelves. I
think Capcom will seriously regret putting so much dev effort into the WII as a platform and this will be reflected in their business results. If they concentrated on the other 'tech heavier' platforms, they would likely sell more actual units of software and be a profitable company.

I hope it doesn't affect them too badly in the long run, or that they prove us wrong and make a mint. I've always enjoyed seeing capcom products through the years and would hope they are always around and making good business!

ItsDubC5121d ago (Edited 5121d ago )

Summary: Other than in Japan, 3rd-party Wii sales are comparable and have even outperformed 1st-party Wii sales over some half-year periods since its release.

EDIT: lol not really sure how someone can disagree w/ actual data...

TheFreak5121d ago

have u seen the 3rd party releases that are out there for the wii? They are bad or ps2 ports u know....

Resident Evil 4 did good sold over 1 mill i think even when that is a port. So if the developers just makes an effort and a little quality they will sell games. simple as that

titntin5121d ago

@ ItsDubC - thank you for link. There are some interesting statistics.

But I think you need to examine them further. There are a great number of third party titles available and not nearly so many first party titles. 50% (or 60%) of software sales for third parties looks like a decent haul until you split that up among the number of titles available! Similarly, 50% for Nintendo's first party titles shows how much of the pie each individual title has when you consider there's considerably fewer first party than third.

Of course theres a good reason for this - Nintendo have the quality and the mascots and IP's that people want to buy into, but I think in the final analysis its hard to point to any specific WII third party title thats bucked the trend - I believe Res Evil4 is the best at a million which is pretty poor for the install base size IMHO.

thePatriot5121d ago

I saw it sitting next to Jumper the game which was priced at 49 99 and Okami was 39 99 and I wanted to punch somebody in the face.

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crck5121d ago

of a 2 year old game to sell better then the original? I mean the game is great but this has to fall into the "duh" category.

ChickeyCantor5121d ago

actually the original didnt sell great either.

MK_Red5121d ago

sidar is completely right here. The game didn't sell on PS2 either.

Also, Okami is a superb game and even after 10 years is would still be worth buying IMO.

PS360WII5121d ago (Edited 5121d ago )

I don't know why everyone actively denies the quality of the 3rd party Wii games. It's like they just don't want to put forth the knowledge that the Wii can sell games if they are good.

So far all of Capcom games have done great on the Wii. This one didn't do well on the PS2 even and it was promoted more so on that system so why would the Wii be any different. Shame yes but come on people use your noggin

LeonSKennedy4Life5121d ago

If the Wii commercials aren't made by Nintendo, people won't buy it. Also, "Okami" sounds foreign to most U.S. potential buyers. That means it's terrible to them.

The game was INCREDIBLE! It just needed the support of Nintendo.

Also, Resident Evil 4 didn't sell well on the Wii either. It's just not in the target market.

PS360WII5121d ago

umm Leon... RE4 and Umbrella Chronicles have sold over a million.

HardcoreGamer5121d ago

i know nobodys asking lol, anyway im just saying that ps2 had a huge install base compared to wii at this stage, they are pretty much both the same game but more geared towards controls, , it sold this much and i expected it, but it will constantly sell over the coming months, people will realise this title and pick it up, heavy gamers, ppl who buy wii and a ps3 or a wii and a 360,includign owning no more heroes, red steel, brawl, etc, will most likely grab it, but not your casual person,

my prediction was, wii will be hated by real gamers, but loved by casual gamers, this is because the wii market will suck, games like super blox, will sell by milllions and games like okami will do significantly less,

ChickeyCantor5121d ago

" games like super blox, will "

zerolinkgannon5121d ago (Edited 5121d ago )

U put a game out with little to no advertisement and you expect the sales to be booming? lol

Edit: a disagree? Hmm..ok, how else can the game sale if only we gamers know it exist.

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