Zumba Fitness publisher Majesco struggling to stay on Nasdaq

GamerFitnation: Majesco, the publisher for Zumba Fitness, is trying to raise their stocks to meet NASDAQ's minimum requirements.

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Monster Tale coming to modern platforms in 2021

From Gematsu: "The March 2011-released DS title Monster Tale is coming to “modern game platforms” in 2021, publisher Majesco Entertainment and developer DreamRift announced."


Can Majesco Be Saved?: An Analysis

An article about the future and past of the financially troubled video game publisher Majesco.

itsjustexuma3115d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

Yes it can be saved, the only way to save themselves is to stop giving Nintendo DS more attention and start developing more games for PS4, Steam and Xbox One instead

rjason123114d ago

Did you not read the article?

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Bismarn3113d ago

I wish I could add more than 1 agree to that. I'm almost intrigued enough to read the article, but the keywords tell me all we need to know: the most recent actual game listed is Advent Rising.

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REPORT: Majesco Hands Off Retail Publishing to a Different Company

We’ve heard from a few different sources now that Majesco have been having financial issues of late. This most recently reared it’s ugly head when it was revealed that The Fullbight Company’s Gone Home would now be skipping consoles due to issues at indie-publishing arm Midnight City. TFB even went as far to say that the parent company “had gone dark”, insinuating that all forms of communication with partners had been closed.

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