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Every guard you come across in a stealth game is a sort of puzzle. How do I get past this guy without being spotted? Or do I put an arrow through his face? That’s the kind of thing Thief does well, using nice-looking shadows and scenarios with multiple paths to make us think before we steal. Everything else, from a clunky story and flat characters to a frustrating mess of a central map made me wish that this Thief reboot hadn’t bothered trying to connect those scenarios with fiction at all

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Salooh3260d ago

I for one didn't expect anything special from this game. It's just a normal game. You don't have anything else to play ?. Or you like to play normal games?. Buy it. It's as simple as that.

TheXgamerLive3260d ago

Wrong. This is anything but anormal game.
Theif is the 4th game in a series that started some 14 or so years ago.
It's supposed to be so many things to many of us and still is yet, yes they've treated it as though it isnt. Using UE3 was the start.

Salooh3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

Didn't disagree ^^ . I'm not a fan of the series because i never played them and even knew they exist until this one. Judging from the fans it's awful but as someone who didn't know the previous games this one is just a normal game and i'm not hating it or praising it , i actually bought it day one because of the idea of the game , i'm just being honest and stating my opinion.

I don't consider my self a sony fanboy . I'm only against bad experience. I don't like Xbox but doesn't mean others shouldn't . you have the right to enjoy Xbox as long we are all honest and state facts because that's better for all of us :P

zeal0us3260d ago

Well after hearing about the development woes back in April of 2013 I'm not totally surprise.

ProjectVulcan3260d ago

In the immortal words of Top Gear

"That's not gone well!"

starchild3260d ago

There are also quite a few 8s and 9s. It's averaging around 7, which is not indicative of a bad game.

Here are a few examples...




So, yeah, the opinions on this are all over the place. It's always best to use your own judgement. You shouldn't let others make up your mind for you. With reviews from 9s to 3s, who's to say that you won't agree with the reviewers who gave it the higher scores?

I mean, how many of you guys' favorite movies received low scores on metacritic? How many movies that received high scores are movies you don't even like? Games are no different. It's a very personal sort of thing.

Salooh3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

Yes i played it ^^
It's been leaked for like a week now :P

Oh_Yeah3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

Unreal engine 3 is a generic ass engine that takes some pretty talented devs to make something that stands out...borderlands batman bioshock dishonored Alice madness returns, mass effect.... Think that's it for the games I actually thought were good/ decent that used UE3.

psman0123259d ago

@Oh_Yeah - can't forget bulletstorm. Not the best game ever, but it's well worth the five dollar gamestop price...and it's UE3.

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-Foxtrot3260d ago

Knew it...that's what happens when a developer tries to turn a game into something it's not.

I'm a massive Thief fan but nothing about this game seemed interesting. I don't feel the stealth elements at all watching trailers and that.

They should of left this alone, plus trying to continue the story but call it it's a reboot is confusing. They should of just started a new timeline all together.

I guess Dishonored took Thief's identity...can't wait for Dishonored 2 :)

frostypants3260d ago

This is what happens when they try to take an awesome vision, and tweak it to cater to ADD kids so they can sell more copies.

SilentNegotiator3260d ago

I'm tired of all of these "But you can use stealth as an option" games. They aren't built well for straight up stealth.

H0RSE3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

Yeah. From what I've seen, it looks like the moved the focus from actually being a thief, which means little to no combat and strong focus on stealth and subterfuge, to changing Garrett into more of an assassin that steals things, so now if you are detected, you don't have to hide or run and hope to not be discovered, and instead you can just engage in combat and break some necks or such... Seems like they shifted the stealth mechanic to more of an option than a necessity.

That being said, 1)I didn't enjoy Dishonored at all. I felt that game was also too different from the original Thief games to warrant a comparison. 2) I don't give an ounce of interest to reviews, especially IGN, which I see as one of the absolute worst and often bias reviewers out there. The only person's opinion that matters when reviewing games, is my own.

SnotyTheRocket3260d ago

Well, I guess Eidos can work on Deus Ex now. A series that they did right by, and Human Revolution was Amazing.

Austacker3260d ago

IGN gave Betafield 4 a whopping 85/100 on release.

That turd is still broken even today and IGN gave it an 85!!!!

So I take ANY 'review' from IGN with a massive grain of salt.

Thief might be good, it might be bad, who knows? All I know is I have no faith in IGN as an unbias review platform for my gaming choices.

MxRBrobaFett3260d ago

Dishonored was a terrible game in all honesty

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SaturdayNightBeaver3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

IGN 6.8 , This gotta be a good game after all.

diehardmetallicafan3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

gamespot gave it a 6/10 and they layed into it for bad loading times and shitty ai. im still gunna get it when i find it cheap though

frostypants3260d ago


Just kill the IP. It's ruined. They'll never recapture the awesomeness of the first two.

TheXgamerLive3260d ago

IMO Thief III deadly shadows was the best in the series.

imXify3260d ago

Don't act like 6.8 is a complete disaster...

Austacker3260d ago

@XGamer - Metal Age was the best IMHO.

frostypants3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

@imXify, how is 6.8 NOT a disaster? 68 out of 100 is a bad thing in any walk of like. It's a freaking "D" grade. Don't act like it's anything but a disaster. People who think like you act as if "average" would be a 50. That's not how it works. Average in just about any scoring system on a 10 or 100 point scale is a 7.5/75.

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WillM173260d ago

Just another trash game.

Ashunderfire863260d ago

Another one bites the dust.

rafaman3260d ago

Not terrible as a lot of people are saying.

FamilyGuy3260d ago

I was watching someone live stream play this game on PS4 last week, early copy I guess. Doesn't seem very fun and the highlight was this bordello with holes in the wall so you could peep in on the people. lol

6.8 is basically its average right now so IGN are pretty much spot on.

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Neonridr3260d ago

hmmm, not the score I was hoping for. Game looks like it has a solid foundation, but just not quite there. Here's hoping a demo surfaces on the PS4. I would love to try this game out before having to commit to a purchase.

Concertoine3260d ago

Ive been apprehensive about the game since it was first revealed, with QTE's and "hold button to see everything around you" and all the other modern stealth problems. Sone of it was taken out but even then the game looked like a complete downgrade from thief 1-3.

Eyeco3260d ago

I'm a huge fan of stealth games so I'll probably pick it up, 5-7 scores usually mean that a game is worthwhile if you're a fan of that genre.

It's funny that in every other medium 5-7 is usually a passable- good score, but in gaming everything below an 8 is considered utter trash.

Raf1k13260d ago

I agree.

I was hoping for better scores too.

Doesn't matter though, as a stealth fan I'm sure I'll have lots of fun generally sneaking around, eavesdropping and stealing stuff.

Pre-ordered the limited edition since it was the same price as the normal. Looking forward to playing the bank heist mission.

creatchee3260d ago

5-7 scores mean more when you're paying 60 bucks new for something. I'm more likely to see a 5-7 scored movie at 10 bucks than a game at 6 times the cost.

vallencer3260d ago

My guess is its because of the amount of money people drop at ONCE. If you just go to a movie that's a 5-7 it's only ten bucks where as you buy a video game that's a 5-7 it's 60. That's why I think people have such a problem with it.

However I think a 7, or rather 6.8, is grounds for a decent, if not, good game.

styferion3260d ago

It's because of the money we have to spend for a new game is quite much compared to movies or books, that we have to be more selective in buying games.

For me though, in games metascore above 8 means it's a great game even those who didn't like the genre would find it interesting, and 6-8 means good for those who like the genre.

-Foxtrot3260d ago

"It's funny that in every other medium 5-7 is usually a passable- good score, but in gaming everything below an 8 is considered utter trash. "

It depends on what the game is

If it's an 8 or below for a new franchise then it's totally biggie, the game is new and it's trying to establish it's self in this market full of amazing AAA titles that have been out for years. It's expected.

If it's an old franchise which has something to live up to then yeah, for me if the majority of scores are below 8 then it's a downgrade and not worth my time. It means the developers have failed in respecting the old franchise and the IP in general.

You have to think though with this gen just starting, new games on the systems are a little more pricey...not everyone is made of money

XabiDaChosenOne3260d ago

I think the problem is that in gaming journalism 8-9s are handed out so easily that when a game gets a 7 and below it is perceived as trash. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. Which is why I never go buy reviews.

gaabrielz3260d ago

Comparing movies to games, either price or rate, makes no sense to me because there is duration.

A movie lasts 1-2 hours, games can easily be 6 times that, glad price doesn't scale because games like Oblivion would cost a lot...

kevnb3260d ago

Most people don't care about reviews

starchild3260d ago

Wow, you guys put way too much stock in reviews, and especially review scores.

You shouldn't let others make up your mind for you. The reveiws are all over the place, from 9s to 3s, so who's to say that you won't agree with the reviewers who gave it the higher scores?

I never care too much about what scores movies or games get. We all are individuals and our interests, tastes and preferences are simply too varied to rely on the opinion of another. Besides, there are too many people who are simply petty, irrational and biased to really trust reviews.

Lots of my favorite movies got low metacritic scores. And some critical darlings are simply poor movies in my opinion. Same goes for games.

Based on everything I have seen, Thief will probably fall somewhere between a 7 and a 9 for me and I really don't care what anybody else thinks of it. And neither should any of you.

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ABizzel13260d ago

To be honest it's about what I was expecting, maybe 7.5 / 10. This game looks like it should have been a smaller condensed PSN / XBL version rather than trying to build a $60 retail version.

I don't get it, I know everyone wants to think their game is amazing and worth full price after all the time they've put into it, but someone has to be telling these developers that this game just isn't good enough, and it might be better to condense the game and release it as a downloadable for $20 - $30.

If they downscaled the game it could have been a condensed version of all the good aspects, map and loading issues wouldn't be problematic, level design shouldn't be an issue, review scores would go up, and people interested in your game might be willing to go ahead and pick it up at the reduced price rather than waiting for a price drop and forget about the game later.

Darth Gamer3260d ago

Agreed! comparing a game to a movie is just plain stupid. $10 for a 1.5 hr - maybe a 3 hr movie compared to a game that will take you at least generally speaking 8 hrs unless your doing a speed run or something and not enjoying it at all is ridiculous.

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Hicken3260d ago

Barely, it would appear, given the scores from other publications.

SpiralTear3260d ago

You're 100% right. Sadly, though, with so many different rating scales and the ever-present use of score aggregation, it's so hard to tell when a game's score is "above average" or "average." It's a huge problem.

6/10 is mathematically equivalent to a 3/5, which is to represent the median score. It's an average game. It's elementary school math, gaming industry...

Mikelarry3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

this is the reason why i am weary of reboots, because we enjoyed a games franchise many moons ago does not always mean it will resonate with gamers years after, same thing happened with bionic commando, syndicate 2012 etc. ah well i guess back to the drawing board or even better a new IP's