What If Next-Gen Fifa Was Powered By CRYENGINE

Have you ever wondered what Fifa would look like in Crytek’s engine? Crydev’s member ‘Gkan’ gives us a glimpse of such a project. Gkan has recreated Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium, showcasing spectacular visuals that surpass those of next-gen Fifa 14.

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RexLex1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

I guess it would be a shit of a game? And this is not that impressive at all.

anticlimax1697d ago

That said, the series could really use a graphical update. Supporters may no longer be cardboard boxes, but now they look like characters from the very first tomb raider. And 99% of the players look nothing (at all) like their real life counterparts.

I mean even with a decent player reator and the help of the community a lot could be done.

2pacalypsenow1697d ago

There's thousands of players in the futbol world I don't think they can scan all of their faces

iceman061697d ago

Yeah, I think EA has been coasting a bit when it comes to their graphical upgrades. You can only tweak an engine so much before it becomes too much of the same. Not saying that it looks horrible. But, if you've played FIFA, Madden, or NHL for years, then you've pretty much seen the same things...with upgrades that are more related to the system than the engine.

THC CELL1697d ago

what stops em making a football game

windblowsagain1697d ago

That looks very nice, doesn't hurt to have rendered a classy stadium/club etc:)

Trouble is, as good as it looks. The best way to play footy games is overhead view. And the graphics for it don't need to be amazing.

hiredhelp1697d ago

How does that look Crap its stunning..

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