Here are the Most Anticipated PS4 Games Between 54 Prominent Japanese Developers

Often you hear on what are the most popular or best selling games between gamers themselves, but it’s not as often that you get to hear about the most anticipated games between game developers, even more so from Japan.

Dengeki Online ran a series of mini-interviews that involved 57 prominent developers, 54 of whom answered on what were their most anticipated PS4 games.

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Godmars2901697d ago

Would much rather hear what 54 JP devs plan to make on the PS4.

dj3boud1697d ago

i came here for this.. hugely disappointed :(

1697d ago
MakiSaad21697d ago

No one wants Destiny !?!?

Abriael1697d ago

Not a single one apparently.

ForgottenProphecy1697d ago

Not too surprising. The Japanese aren't as big on shooters as we are (assuming you're from US).

FlameHawk1697d ago

What the hell are you talking about? Watch Dogs has shooting, The Order is a Third Person Shooter, The Division, Killzone Shadow Fall. These 54 do not represent all Japanese Developers.

ForgottenProphecy1697d ago

@FlameHawk Did you read my comment? "The Japanese aren't as big on shooters..." not "Every single Japanese person on planet earth hates any game that has a gun in it"

zeuanimals1697d ago

But BF4 is the best selling PS4 game... Probably because there's nothing to buy yet, that'll change next month! Sort of.

djplonker1697d ago

Hey us Europeans like shooters too :p

Hell battlefield is made in sweden and grand theft auto in scotland!

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Godmars2901697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Not being on someone's #1 interest list is not the same as not being interested at all.

Then again I expect few JP devs to not only invest into a PSO level game which Destiny is, but not even Sega to put a PSO on the PS4.

minimur121697d ago

pretty surprised at the results actually, wasn't expecting W_D to be #1.

lonelyplayer1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Wd online single player is very interesting.

RosweeSon1697d ago

Shenmoooooove 3 (that's the move compatible version of Shenmue 3)

mcarsehat1697d ago

all of them will be rpgs :P

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The story is too old to be commented.