Nerd-dom Weekly Rap-up #36 (NWR) Powerleveled

Did you miss me? I sure as hell know that I missed all of you. Well I'm back again with some more of that weekly dose of Nerd-dom you have all been jonesing for. This weeks episode we touch base on some Doom 4, Final fantasy 7 Remake, and Wildstar with a couple more goodies. You will have to watch to see what those are. So sit back grab some gamer fuel and relax as I consume the next six minutes of your life.

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Jacktrauma2671d ago

A 7 remake would be so epic, but I fully understand why it would be a pain in the ass for sure. #NWR4LIFE

ROQFrost2671d ago

I think they should just do it regardless of how hard it will be. I want to play it on my PS4, and the gamer is always right!

Stevefantisy2671d ago

Have your favorite mmo been shut down? How did you feel about it and what did you do to move on?