It Is Time for Guerrilla Games to Move On

PlayStation Beat: After three months, we finally finished off the campaign to Killzone: Shadow Fall. It led us to believe that it is time for Guerrilla Games to move on from the franchise.

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Hatsune-Miku3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

Killzone shadow fall is the best multiplayer and most balanced of the series with a good campaign. I loved kz2 campaign the best with shadow fall in second and i want guerrilla games to continue on with the series

Killzone shadow fall is a new beginning for the series and even though i wasnt keen on the 30years time jump its a good game with good concepts. THe game has already sold over 2.5million copies which is the fastest a killzone title has sold and i want guerrilla games to continue supporting the game. I also want guerrilla games to make killzone 5 even a lot better than shadow fall and try to make it the best or among the best fps. I dont know how youd consider whats the best fps but guerrilla games should make killzone 5 have destructable buildings, best graphics, best sounds, best physics, best animations, best lighting and just overall best tech for a fps video game

Ps4 is the future and the future is Ps4

Bigpappy3266d ago

Sold that well because there were no other first party offerings, and the game was hyped as the show piece for the PS4. Many disappointed after playing the game.

Zuperman3266d ago

I'm a HUGE KILLZONE FAN and I gotta say.. It's time to move on to another project to be creative.

Than return to Killzone when the time is right.

Muffins12233266d ago

Yea just does not have that magic touch halo has

ABizzel13266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )


I agree. They need to find a writer who can expand on the universe, because as of now it's growing a bit stale.

I think Killzone has so much potential, but Gurriella Games just lacks the imagination to get Killzone to it's true potential.

Shadow Fall's gameplay and openness were huge steps in the right direction, and form now on I only want to play as a Shadow Marshal with my OWL. But they also need to bring back a lot of the elements Killzone that made Killzone 3 fun to play like Jetpacks, Mechs, and set-pieces which Shadow Fall lacked. They also need to focus on getting the feel of Killzone 2 back into the games, as well as, a good enemy like Redec. Those are things Guerilla themselves can do, but it seems like they need someone to tell them what was missing, and what can make it better.

After that they need to build a better world that's more enjoyable to experience. The Helghast are the only interesting characters to me in Killzone, and to this day I still don't know much about the ISA even though they've been the protagonist in all 4 games.

Finally FULLY the embrace the Sci-Fi. Bring in more races, Insomniac type weapons, more space travel, new planets or regions to explore, JUST GO ALL OUT. You're a futuristic Sci-Fi shooter, so quit trying to be a WW2 shooter set on another planet.

Their imagination is what's holding Killzone back, because it has everything it needs to be Sony's go to FPS, it just needs a serious overhaul from an outside group of people with the imagination to get them there.


Exactly, i mean KZ was the ONLY exlcusive game aviable at launch (the only one kinda of "worth" because it isnt that great)

calis3266d ago

"Sold that well because there were no other first party offerings, and the game was hyped as the show piece for the PS4"

Then explain Ryse.

Vojkan3266d ago

KZ is a horrible franchise. The only Sony franchise that I can't stand. Go away! GG is more talented than to be stuck on this mediocre shooter with broken controls.

PoSTedUP3266d ago

killzone mercs is where its at as far as MP. Guerrilla should take pointers from Guerrilla Cambridge imo. if they dont have it down by KZ4, then i would say maybe make a new IP. im anticipating KZ4 tho, that should be a real KZ game.

ger23963266d ago

Did you play it? If not what do you care?

palaeomerus3266d ago

There's a lot of used copies of Shadowfall at gamestop. There aren't that many people playing it online. The price has dropped to $40 in a lot of places. Reviews were middling to bad. It made a nice tech demo when the library was weak as console launches tend to be. It's also a good reason to be grateful for Sony sticking to their normal used game sales policy instead of trying to help push us into Microsoft's all digital new era.

Hicken3266d ago

No other first party offerings, but the two largest FPS franchises to compete against. The sales numbers are damn impressive in that light.

But hey, let's twist it around as much as possible.

guitarded773266d ago

I'm a Killzone whore, and I don't want it to go away. Guerrilla is said to be working on a new IP, so there is something new coming. After that, I want them back on Killzone. I always want more Killzone.

The only problem I had with Shadow Fall is I thought the campaign was too short. They probably had to make some concessions to get the game out on time, but if they can take their time with the next Killzone, I want it.

Each level in Shadow Fall was varied and offered something different... I don't know how people were "disappointed" with it. It had a better campaign than Battlefield and Ghosts. Hell it had a more interesting campaign than Infinite, although the story in Infinite was far better.

Some say it's "stale", while Guerrilla added the Owl, deeper enemy set, and pretty open levels with vertical gameplay, varied environments and open space. There is this double standard that Sony and their devs have to reinvent the wheel with every game, while Nintendo just needs to add one simple component or an extra character, and people act like they reinvented the game.

Sure, I want Killzone to be better... that's why we go to the Killzone forums and express what we want. Guerrilla is listening. From what I understand, they have a new IP coming, but at the same time they can be in pre-development for the next Killzone.

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FunAndGun3266d ago

Killzone Shadow Fall has an awesome MP, but the SP is pretty bad.

TheOmniGamer3266d ago

KZSF was awful IMO, campaign was abysmal and the MP was okay, but terrible unbalanced and broken and lacking features. Killzone to me isn't interesting and the universe isn't engaging, time for GG to move onto a new IP, the franchise peaked at KZ2 and hasn't come close to KZ2 ever since.

trenso13266d ago

have to disagree KZ2 was the best IMO opinion they just kept taking away from the game with each release, they lowered the player count, map sizes for the most part and took away the class customization. For a time in KZ3 you couldn't even make custom games.

avengers19783266d ago

They need to take the MP back to KZ2 because that was just right. By Far the best of the series.
They could do alot with the single player to push the game, but they should just keep the MP like it was in 2 add varying play modes and match types and weapons and what not, but the core of it with 16 v 16 matches was great.

sinncross3266d ago

Their next game is a new IP so that will be great to see. I would like them to move on because I think exploring new ideas etc will only benefit all their IP in general.

I have no problem with them making more KZ if they have a special attachment to the IP but I would also like to see them explore new ideas and show us how creative they can be in different ways.

princejb1343266d ago

I disagree killzone is a bit boring
I have shadowfall and from time to time I play but for a game that sold 2.3 million the online is a ghost down.
I see about 2000 people online at any given time while if I hop on cod or bf you see 600,000+

Retroman3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )


wish MS would realize that with HALO franchise.
you only can milk a franchise for so long until blood spew out.

MAULxx3266d ago

I enjoyed Shadowfall and liked the ending but I still don't know what the heck was going on in the story for alot of the game. Maybe I need to play it again and focus on the story or watch all the cutscenes, I think you can watch the cutscenes you've unlocked.

ssj273266d ago

KILLZONE IP is one of the best IP ever..
is the only exclusive game that sold amazing so far and the xbone had Forza which usually sales more but it did not.

Is funny to see the hater excuse but they forgot to realize that the PS4 had two of the best saling IP ever going again on the same genre.

KILLZONE deserve he sales!!!

Seraphim3266d ago

I'm kind of with Zuperman on this one.... But only in thinking that they should shelf KZ and come up w/ a new IP before possibly going back to KZ in a couple years. Not put it down and bring it back when the time is right...

I've loved KZ since before the original beta and it's one of very few games I've actually cared to and enjoyed playing online a lot for a little bit. While Shadow Fall was a solid game set in the KZ world it was not a real KZ. I think that perhaps the ending of 3 made it difficult to make KZ4 the way the series is truly meant to be. If [Shadow Fall] a series perhaps it will bridge a gap between KZ3s end and a new War; ie KZ4... regardless I'm conflicted having much love for KZ and GG. Considering the talent and skill @ GG it just seems like a great time to move onto a new project. Definitely something in the same genre that allows them to rotate KZ and new IP while tweaking and continuing to improve their engine.... I'm not sure there's a lot of original ideas left out there but it would be nice to see another fantasy title since we already have BF and CoD. If nothing else maybe squash the KZ world and reboot it with a new story that has no relevance to the original 3.

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Abash3266d ago

Well Guerilla Games is hard at work on a new IP even while they were making the latest Killzone games. It would honestly be stupid for them to stop working on the series and not make another Killzone on PS4 with how successful Shadow Fall has been. They can handle two different series at once, that's been the plan for a while I believe

Riderz13373266d ago

They're already making a new IP. Not sure what the point of this article is lol.

Kayant3266d ago

It's rumoured to be an RPG right?

porkChop3266d ago

An open world RPG. So much potential there.

zeuanimals3266d ago

I'm pretty sure that's a rumor brought on by people on the internet, I remember when GG announced that they were making a new IP people were just speculating and were saying an RPG would be great. Then people just went with it. There wasn't anything legit in those rumors AFAIK but maybe our ideas could be heard by GG and they'll actually look into making an RPG. They do like to listen to the community about KZ a lot, maybe they're listening about their new IP too?

staticdash223266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

Another guerrilla games sucks article? Lol *sigh*

to me, it doesn't matter if shadow fall sold alot because of the lack of launch games ir not. Doesn't remove the face that, the numbers are there at the end of the day :D
Guerrilla Games has the leisure of
that some if Sony's other studios don't. The killzone franchise is a million seller, each iteration has been one. They're not in a state of disarray like Studio Japan was. Nor or they close to being closed down like zipper or Liverpool studio. Sure, they can improve alot, but I just find it hilarious that the media loves to s**t on them for their stories but never want to give them any credit.

Thepharaoh3266d ago

The orginal killzone did not sell one million.

Im not downplaying their quality but the only killzoens that have exceeded one million were

killzone 2
killzone 3
and killzone shadow fall

bobtheimpaler3266d ago

Agreed. I also find it funny when people like to ignore how well the previous games did critically. Shadow fall IMO is a return to form for the franchise. The campaign in sf and mercenary do expand on the universe. I like that it deals with more grounded/ relateable themes like the horrors of war and nationalism. Multiplayer is like KZ2 but more balanced. You have to learn to be good and you have to work as a team.

They have also done an excellent job supporting the game and addressing issues in so and MP.

I hope we never see a game like kz3 again. All it did was aim for the lowest common denominator and split the fan base.

I look forward to the RPG they're making.

staticdash223266d ago

Whoops, sorry for the spelling errors, I wrote it from my phone

B-radical3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

I honestly found the new killzone the most boring

but dam it was pretty besides the over use of lighting effects

shivvy243266d ago

Coming from a fan of killzone I was very disappointed with the sp, there were some great ideas etc in the game but they didnt pull it off great, mp is amazing and fun !!! :)

bobtheimpaler3266d ago

I enjoyed it as much as kz2 to be honest. I didn't care for KZ3s hand holding and on rails segments where a lot of the action just happened in the background.

B-radical3266d ago

I loved k3 sp i dunno this one just felt slow with nothing to do......Must be fps boredom kicking it. Not as many great FPS as there use to be

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