Video Review: Haze Demo

Haze Demo Video Review

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CViper4745d ago

Only on the Playstation 3(tm)

So stupid.

Angelitos4745d ago

So, what you guys think?

yesah4745d ago

alot better then i thought it would be. I liked it

Meresin4745d ago

I liked the gameplay, but the graphics were exceptionally unexceptional. Resistance: Fall of Man looked a lot better, with higher detail textures, higher resolution, and better anti-aliasing. I noticed very little pixelation in Resistance even on foliage, but it's all over the place in this demo.

It's probably going to be a rental, but I'm considering a purchase. There's bound to be more to the plot than just Carpenter switching sides, and I've a feeling that the voice acting and dialog in the demo was intentionally flat and uninspired. The Mantel troops aren't the good guys...They're a bunch of nectar addicts. They're not supposed to be interesting or emotionally inspiring.

hartcup4745d ago

the begging of the game is supposed to be like this, its part of the pot twist where you start to realise how the corporation is evil

Shaka2K64745d ago

Another AAA from Free Radical i wasnt expecting anything less.

only on PS3.

Haze > tears of cartoon 1.5

Free Radical > epic.

Koneesha4745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

Haze may be a good game, but it is not a great game by any standards. That demo was just terrible if you ask me. Now i was one of those fanboys that said "Haze is teh PWN" but now that i have played the demo i belive it will get a 8.4 at most. Yes it is a good game, but it is not the AAA game everyone thought it to be. Don't start a flamewar with me. I only own a Ps3, and wii. I also have hyped this game since the beginging. Check my comments if you don't belive me.

Varsarus4745d ago

The demo was from an earlier build and was the exact same one that was shown at Sony Gamers Day last year, the full game will or should be better.

Meresin4745d ago

I don't expect Haze to break over 8/10, to be honest. The gameplay is good, and I'm sure the story is solid, but the graphics in the demo were just plain disappointing. It looked like a cross-platform game, with all the glorious pixelation problems that those games always have because developers make them to look the same as the 360 versions. The resolution wasn't what it should be, and the game didn't seem to have any anti-aliasing going, so it was a huge mess of jaggies.

It wouldn't seem so bad if I hadn't just been playing through Resistance: Fall of Man, but Haze didn't look anywhere near as good, and Resistance was a release title. >.<

The Closing4745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

If you think that this game is going to be better than Gears 2 just by playing the demo then you're a complete fanboy. I can almost guarantee Gears will slaughter this game in every way possible. In-fact I don't think this game will even come close to surpassing the first Gears.

jkhan4745d ago

After playing the demo, i had a feeling if meh... I mean come on they took an extra 6 months and yet they deliver an underwhelming singleplayer experience. I know I am judging the demo, but when the release date is just a few days ahead, I don't expect to see much of a change. The AI was ok, the graphics were not good enough, the animation was jerky and the voice acting was worse than I have seen in recent games.

redmamoth4745d ago

Meh.... I had high hopes for this too. I guess COD4 raised the bar!

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