Before You Buy That Game On Steam Check Kinguin First For a Discount

SteamFirst: If I was to give a label to the best feature on Steam it would ultimately be the ability to buy and download your games right from home. The day’s of going to Gamestop or another B&M store are over once I converted from Xbox Live.

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hunkerdawn2675d ago

This is good to know. I always just buy directly on Steam

GizmoFusion2675d ago

Ever since moving to Steam I have been using CD key sites or Steam sales mostly.

TekoIie2675d ago

I got steam for £14 from this site. If anyones wondering it's legit however i would avoid buying steam gifts since those are the codes which have the potential to get your account banned.

Just giving a little warning :)

TekoIie2675d ago

Just read my comment lol.

"i got steam for £14"

Terrible deal if it were true XD

I meant I got Thief.

Kinger89382675d ago

Some sites dont come up on kinguin, has titanfall for like £26ish i think?