PS4 Version of Unreal Engine 4 Tactical FPS, Ground Branch, “is a good bet at some point”

OnlySP: In our recent interview with the team at Blackfoot Studios about their upcoming tactical FPS Ground Branch, studio owner John Sonedecker revealed that there is a strong possibility that the Unreal Engine 4 game will make an appearance on the Playstation 4.

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Ashunderfire861796d ago

Good we need more Tactical shooters like this.

Ninjamonkey821796d ago

Wee reminder last time it was mentioned here everyone sed it was crap ;).

webeblazing1796d ago

Key to getting hit and people agreeing with you is PS is the best everything else is bad. If your not gonna hype up ps4 you lose

DaReapa1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

"Gameplay will not be your standard Hollywood ‘save the world’ fare.” Sonedecker told us. “The world is not in imminent danger from a maniac tyrant with a biological weapon or nuke. Missions may mirror or be influenced by some real life issues and conflicts.There may be times when you are in a no win situation and must choose to take the “best of the worst” outcomes. Mission success may not be cut and dry either. It isn’t always calculated by killing everyone in a map.”

Gotta admit, loving the sound of that. Nice to see a dev taking a chance at coming at a different angle. Would like to see more of that this gen.

Just hoping this doesn't turn out to be another case of Takedown. Don't think I've ever been burned harder.