Newegg Description Says You Can Design Your Own Tracks in Mario Kart 8

Online retailer NewEgg currently has Mario Kart 8 up for pre-order. The interesting thing is is that the description says that gamers will be able to customise their vehicles and build their own tracks in the game. This hasn’t been confirmed by Nintendo, but if this is true then it’s a more than welcome addition to the Mario Kart franchise.

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Concertoine3384d ago

This would be awesome if you can race them online as well. I forsee some serious vomit inducing madness with the zero-g.

ritsuka6663384d ago

I doubt that its going to happen but it would be so cool, i would even pay for it as dlc.

3-4-53383d ago

I would pay $20 to be able to create my own Mario tracks. Wouldn't do that for hardly any other games.

Etseix3384d ago

this took a lot to be implemented, it's good, but it's not something we avent seen before, but o well.. better late than never right?

BattleN3383d ago (Edited 3383d ago )

Get out now! Who has done anti gravity before, I want an article!

Etseix3383d ago

i was referring to creating a track and put it online/share it with anyone.

Vegamyster3384d ago

Man i hope Nintendo did this, the gamepad would make it easy too.

Chrischi19883384d ago

Yes! That is the one feature, I hoped Nintendo would take from its competition.

I loved to play Mod Nation Racers with my friends, online with always new tracks to race on :D

Beastforlifenoob3383d ago

Modnation racers says " hi bit**s". Old ninty always 1 generation behind the master pack (ps and pc )

CaptainN3383d ago

Excite Bike on the NES says hi Sony Ponys ...sorry to burst your bubble but Nintendo has been there an done that long before Sony was even making games. Go back to your hole in the ground troll!

fonger083383d ago

@beastforlifenoob Yeah Excitebike track editor 1985... Mod-nation Racers 2009... so I wouldn't say Mod-nation copied Excitebike, but it's not exactly an original concept, so nice try.

Justindark3379d ago

and that's why you cant reply to me haha troll

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XiSasukeUchiha3384d ago

Awesome this would be awesome feature for people who like different tracks to play on

Rockefellow3384d ago

As opposed to people who like playing only one track over and over again?

(Kidding, of course)

iplay1up23384d ago

It would be a great addition, especially if you could share your tracks, but I am kind of thinking that won't happen. Even if it doesn't the game is going to be amazing.

Reeze3384d ago

I'm really looking forward to this feature, if it is implemented. Now if only this article could get approved...

BattleN3384d ago

Reeze congratulations!!!!!!

Rockefellow3384d ago

Come on, man. Don't act desperate, it's sad.

Reeze3384d ago

Sorry, I wasn't attempting to look desperate. I posted the article around 5 hours ago and I was eager to see the response from N4G readers, since this is very exciting news.

yugovega3384d ago

i could only imagine the tracks gamers could make with antigravity. i hope this turns out true. every course will be recreated day one.

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