Peter Moore talks Nintendo, Wii and Wii60

In Major Nelson's latest podcast, he has a sit down with Microsoft's Peter Moore to discuss everything 36O, but eventually Nintendo comes into play.

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PS360PCROCKS5954d ago

Nintendo is going to rock just like the 360 already does

USMChardcharger5954d ago

it will be interesting to see what games are to come.
one thing, in my opinion, that does seem bad for nintendo. being that it specs are a slight jump for the regular will they port games to it from the other systems.

PS360PCROCKS5954d ago

Not sure good question, but

PS360PCROCKS5954d ago

Not sure good question but I think mose of their games will be original so it shouldn't be a problem

USMChardcharger5954d ago

but original titles can take you only so far...that's messed up isn't it. sounds crazy when i look back at what i typed...but it is true. how sad is that?
maybe the Wii will prove otherwise.
this sure is an interesting time in gaming is it not?

shotty5954d ago

From what I understand Nintendo has developed something similar to Microsoft's XNA that allows them to develop a game with little code. The wii can't really compete with titles released on all platforms since it will obviously be underpowered compared to the other systems but it has alot of exclusives like Pokemon, Mario, Zelda, Red steel which should make wii a great buy.

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remoteXimpaler5954d ago

i will definately get a wii

Majunior5954d ago

What was said at e3 by Peter Moore is very true...the buy 360 and wii thing...idk about you but i have a 360 and i plan on gettin a wii...ps3 is nowhere in my sites..simply cuz nothin on it i have seen has amused me...mgs4 no thx

TheMART5954d ago

So true. MGS4 is the only game, graphically seen, that's interesting on the PS3. Gameplay no thanks indeed. Weird Japanese, like to play 5 seconds, then a movie of 30 seconds, play 20 seconds and see a movie of 3 minutes...

I bet many Sony diehardfans calling out MGS4 yeah that's our game, won't even play or buy it just because it's not their genre.

Anyhow, 360 gets all the great new exclusives that's for sure (and now I am not speaking about all those sequels just as so many Sony sequels exclusives that we know already). And the main one of this year will be

Gears of War

mikeeno75954d ago

What a guy. Talks alot but he doesn't make empty promises like some other certain playstation man i know...

Lostboy5954d ago

Remember Peter Moore was the man behind sega's Dreamcast and look what happened to that. I am by no means a Sony fan but I wouldn't underestimate Ps3 yet. Xbox360's early release, and sony holding off ps3, smacks of what happened with dreamcast and ultimately lead to it's demise.

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