30 million PlayStation 2 owners in America :: 400,000 PS3's at launch. Any Questions?

Video game enthusiast Zach Strankowski understands the principle of supply and demand. That's why he and two friends have been sleeping outside an Escondido Circuit City store since Tuesday, waiting for Sony's new PlayStation 3 game system, which won't go on sale until Friday.

To be first in line for the Sony PlayStation 3 required camping out at an Escondido Circuit City.
"We could either pay three grand on eBay, or camp out here for 10 days," said Strankowski, 22.

The economics are simple. Sony built a loyal base of 30 million PlayStation 2 owners in America. When the PS3 launches Friday, there will be fewer than 400,000 of the new game systems on store shelves.

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2tired2day2hate4450d ago (Edited 4450d ago )

30 million is very misleading. i owned 3 ps2's before i got an xbox. so id imagine alot of the 30 million had been the second ps2 people had.
first one i bought had the usual year and a half lifespan
sencond wouldnt play dvds after a while
and i bought the 3rd from a friend, that was when resident evil (code veronica? the one where you could play online) came out so i bought a hard drive and the modem for it. you can imagine my dissapointment. the first xbox i owned was used and has always worked. dont get me wrong i loved the ps2 when i had it but the had me the second i played halo and ninja gaiden

DJ4450d ago

It's over 40 million PS2 owners in the U.S.

I still can't believe people are still resorting to the "Sony only sold 100 million because everyone bought 3 PS2s" accusation. It's hilarious, yet disconcerting that fans of rival consoles would stoop that low.

Mr Murda4448d ago his dog (bull mastiff) destroyed two of them, but the other 2 systems he bought failed.

Geohound4450d ago

Grow up. Stop generalizing a group of people. 2tired2day2hate, your thinking of the Resident Evil Outbreak series.

Oh, and I love the title of this article. I really think they should set up the PS3's in a big field somewhere and 400,000 people should be split in half and run toward them kinda like a dodgeball match. That be awesome, and entertaining.

2tired2day2hate4449d ago

thats right it was outbreak. and to dj, dude i dont know why you are so mad. i owned 3 ps2s whats the big deal? maybe i didnt take care of them or maybe they were just garbage consoles. either way if you are saying a console that was notorious for over-heating and failing to play dvds after a year or two couldnt possibly have sold at least 2 consoles to a handful of people you are just retarded. i'm not knocking the ps2, like i said i loved it when i had it and it shows seeing as how i bought 3 of the damn things. i'm not tryin to take anything away from sony's hugely succesful console i'm just saying that a decent number of those systems were bought to replace a failed one. the same could be said about ipods, pcs, or any product not matter how well it was made. if 30 million were sold that doesnt exactly indicate that 30 million different people own one. its common sence so calm down

Tut4449d ago

For the record, I didn't read DJ's post or your first post and sense any negative emotions. I think you kind of got offended by his rebuttal and honestly he has a legitimate claim; both of you do.

I personally only bought one PS2 and the only reason it died was because it got sprayed with de-icer at the Denver airport. One of my friends has owned two and another used to buy them for parts and make perfect working ones for cheap, so yeah tons of people have had to buy more than one.

Anyway, I don't think his comment was worth getting so upset about since I think it was read incorrectly. I might be wrong, but judging by DJ's history I don't see him crucifying you the way you seem to think he did. Text sucks for displaying emotion though unless you are writing a novel or WRITE IN CAPS LIKE YOU'RE MAD OR EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!! I think we all love that (sarcasm).

Spread the <3

<3 <3 <3

2tired2day2hate4449d ago

tut i agree with everything you said besides the part about him never crucifying anyone.

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