ign | Mercenary Kings on PS4: It's Contra meets Monster Hunter

We goes hands-on with one of Mercenary Kings unique multiplayer maps.

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FamilyGuy3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

It's always good to meet monster hunter.

Monster hunter as far as scavenging craft items. Looks really cool though with the MetalSlug, Contra sort of style but the coolest thing was being able to split up which wasn't typical of any of those retro games. Match that with all the weapon and armor upgrading, 100 mission and mixing of local with online co-op and they've got my money already.

3-4-53270d ago

* Unlock other characters to customize

* Collect parts and can build over 300 weapons.

This game seems to have good amount of replay value.

All these 2D's like a new Sega Genesis/SNES has been made with all these games in the past few years.

It's awesome.

ThanatosDMC3270d ago

Meh, this is nothing compared to the awesomeness of the game called "Broforce"

webeblazing3270d ago

What's up with steam early access game that gamers use their money to help fund be used to port instead of finishing development. Seriously this game is still in beta. Finish the game with money the gamers gave you before you think about a port. PC gamers help fund a lot of games these pass years n some devs talk about port before they give the people that fund the game what they suppose to. Most games on kickstarter and steam early access is funded by PC gamers and they get toss aside like a slut after a cheap f#ck.

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maniacmayhem3270d ago

Metal Slug + Monster Hunter...count me in!

Rhezin3270d ago

cool! NOW [email protected]#@#[email protected]# RELEASE IT ALREADY SONY! Tribute games has been done with it. This game was suppose to come out in DECEMBER! If they don't release it soon or even worse end up releasing it the day Second Son comes out I'm going to be mighty PISSED OFF!

SteamPowered3270d ago

This game has been out on Steam for 8 or 9 months. Im sure it wont take too long to port it over.

webeblazing3270d ago

The game is still in beta

Deltaguy3270d ago

Is that Shane from 1Up back in the day?