PS3 fanboys at Best Buy in Burbank kicked out.

Yes folks, the campers are gone. Kotaku just did an update about the intrepid plastic penguin and some guys hoping to get ahead of everyone in buying a PS3, and it seems they've been shoved back out into the cold, unfeeling world of... nevermind. If they were sleeping on a pavement, it was cold to begin with.

According to their update, there were 20 PS3 lovers (and one plastic penguin) waiting outside the Burbank Best Buy when the managers and cops came along to make them vacate their camping spots. Poor guys. All that waiting for nothing.

On another note, the Best Buy folks also made a statement visible for potential purchasers of Sony's powerful PlayStation product to remember. While they can't line up now, they don't mind if you start making your lines the day before the console comes out, as the second picture above says.

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Dick Jones4454d ago

As they were hauled off by the cops. Ogre said it best...NERDS!!!!

PS360PCROCKS4454d ago

Hahahahahaahhahahaha MORONS! geesh they should be like the other douche bags and pay $9,100 on ebay

LiamFly4454d ago

Here's a video of the poor guys who got booted. Not nerds at all. Honestly I don't know what Best Buy's problem is. Any other store would beg for these kinds of devoted customers.