Tons of Star Citizen Art and Designs Showcase

Today, Star Citizen, an upcoming space trading and combat simulator title developed by Cloud Imperium Game, showed off tons of game arts and designs. As one of the most successful crowdfunded video games in Kickstarter, Star Citizen has now raised more than $38 million from over 382,000 backers. Why are so many people willing to support this game? You might find out the answer by looking at these images below.

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Azurite2633d ago

The link is for the fourth page.

First page:

IcarusEdwards2633d ago

Thanks for your comment but I have tried this link and it is to page 1, not page 4. Would you try again?

Azurite2632d ago

Yeah, the link from "View images" links you to the fourth page.

It's in the beginning of the link:
4558648_1 <- first page
4558648_4 <- fourth page