MotorStorm, Lair, HS in 2007

A pamphlet included in the US retail PlayStation 3 hardware bundle has shed some light on the release dates for a few of the next-gen system's upcoming exclusives.

According to IGN, the pamphlet reveals that despite MotorStorm enjoying a December release in Japan, where the PS3 goes on sale today, it won't be released in the US until February.

Meanwhile, Factor 5's dragon-'em-up Lair (which smacks a bit of Dynasty Warriors in our early build) is down as March, along with Heavenly Sword from UK-based Ninja Theory.

The good news, we suppose, being that those games could all wind up as European launch titles - if they stick to the proposed dates. Ha.

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Monchichi0254453d ago

Wow, now all those PS3 fans have the BluRay Movie of Taledega Nights and........... nothing else, to look forward to this holiday season!! Sony screws you again!!

calderra4452d ago

But Sony fans will undoubtedly say they're willing to wait for great games.

One year ago: "360 sucks! Who cares if those games are coming out soon- the system doesn't have anything for launch!"

Heh. In all fairness, I think most rational people are willing to say that the first 6 months of owning a console generally mean a small selection of good titles. If the big games were coming out any later than that, then it might be a problem.

PS360WII4452d ago

Yes see Sony fans can be looking forward to accual games to come out instead of playing older games repeatedly for endless amount of time... How long has Halo 2 been out and it's still on the #1 spot for Live. Sony wants gamers to have games. MS makes a game and wants you to play just that one forever...

Shadow4452d ago

Lair hasn't been a launch title for a few months, same for Motorstorm.

Dunno what you're laughing about...

Razzy4452d ago

....while my wallet gets a breather. I can wait until Feb for Motorstorm. Hell, we've waited this long for PS3 so whats the diff? Xbox fanboys GTFO!

Grown Folks Talk4452d ago

then why are so many sony fans hoopin and hollerin about backwards compatibility and being able to download ps1 games? i'm sure there are more copies of halo 2 in people's homes than any 360 game right now. and it's not like microsoft forces them to play halo 2, they choose to. for all those that said the 360 launch line-up was weak, the ps3's just got weaker.

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PS3 Ultimate4452d ago

Atleast the games will be polished more. I'm getting a PS3 in March of '07 anyway. 360 fans have already beaten GOW in just a few hours! ROFL!! The game only has 9 hours of gameplay rofl!

zypher4452d ago

yeah. i got it Wednesday and i defeated Raam on the train Saturday morning, and i only played it a couple of hours a day, minus Thursday (busy playing FFXII). it was 8 hours tops, hardly worth $75. well, i guess i could go and watch the extra content on the second disc, and add that to the overall length of the game. maybe then it'll surpass ten hours of content. seriously, i thought GOW was fun, but it has to be the most overrated game ever, even over MGS2.

Nodoze4452d ago

Resistance is going to keep PS3 fans enthralled for what 10-12 hours!? There is no point in dissing GOW, it is a great game. Not to mention the endless replayability for multiplayer, coop, and advanced difficulty modes for the achievements (something you were promised but had revoked by Sony).

So in the end there is but a single launch title to keep PS3 fans attention. Those in glass houses should not throw stones.

Shadow4452d ago

Both are going to keep gamers enthralled for longer than 10-12 hours... seeing as BOTH have multiplayer.

DJ4452d ago

Add a huge amount of multiplayer modes and yeah, it's a hell of a deal.

Marriot VP4452d ago

wait, dj, it's a deal to get a resistance and a PS3 for 700 after tax....hmmmm

Unless you want the HD drive, if your one of those rare people.

4me24452d ago

and there will be some third party titles released during "WAITING" period of time.

testerg354452d ago

IGN gave RFOM a 9.1... great score for a launch title. Now waiting for comparisons of GOW vs RFOM.