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ritsuka6661705d ago

Will pick up the Wii U version and hope they plop the map on the gamepad.

JasonRoseEh1705d ago

Game was terrible. Should have taken a different approach rather than try and capture what the console games did. The combat etc just didn't fit on the 2D plane. Mark of the Ninja would have been a good idea to copy and add from there.

DualWielding1705d ago

Its surprising they are releasing a deluxe edition of a game that was not that well received on handhelds to begin with... it could sell as a downloadable title on main consoles if priced at $9.99 but even at $19.99 I don't think it would sell much

Geekman1705d ago

Because the Wii U didn't have enough side-scrollers. I guess I shouldn't complain about 3rd party support, though.