Silicon wafers to solve blue laser supply problem?

Blue lasers. The little diode is at the heart of Blu-ray and HD DVD technology, and its scarcity is the reason you might be reading this while camping out for a PlayStation 3 right now. Shimei Semiconductor Co. thinks it's found an easier way to make them by growing the gallium nitride LEDs on a silicon wafer instead of the sapphire-based process used currently.

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kingboy4455d ago

Great that means faster and more ps3 production in the futur

Maddens Raiders4455d ago

You knew the world's second largest consumer electronics maker was gonna "git 'er done" one way or another huh? Looks like Sony is finally getting its act together -- and its good to see other firms trying to pitch in and help them out too.

kikilala4455d ago

by growing it on a silicon wafer.. im not an expert at semiconductor manufacturing.. but doesnt this means it will be cheaper.. added if sony manage to produce the cell processor on a 65nm (i think) architechture soon... this could mean it wont be long before we will start seeing price drops for the ps3..

Gh0stDrag0n4455d ago (Edited 4455d ago )

"The predicted lower cost and longer lifespan of the components sounds great", So...what is the lifespan of the componets that are going into the PS3's that are being made now? Or is everyone just ignoring that statement?
It is good news but, it just convinced me to sell all my preorders and get one for myself after the better componets are used.

calderra4454d ago

Nice catch. Fishy statement, indeed.

THAMMER14454d ago

Anything could help right. If the ship is sinking everyone should grab a bucket.

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