Dididodo Defense - a new quirky tower defense game

Dididodo Defense is a new game developed by 9fury Studio. The game has a fun sense of humour from its unique art style to the interesting Dididodo planet feature. Dididodo Defense is a bit hard for beginners but once you get cracking, it's a very addictive game.

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curtis921761d ago

I saw another word in that title... gave the game a whole new meaning. Yikes.

joshw20111761d ago

Glad I'm not the only one.

CorndogBurglar1761d ago

Yeah, I saw Dididildo as well.

Daves1761d ago

I read it as dildodefence... just happened.

miserablealien91761d ago

LOL I downloaded the game just because of its name! That's a funny game indeed!