BBC starts campaign to demand Shenmue III from SEGA.

The BBC show VideoGaiden is reporting on their website that for the next 6 weeks they are going to begin an aggressive campaign to demand Shenmue 3 from Sega.

They're needing the help of Shenmue fans all around the world to aid them in their task and as they are a part of the BBC, they will do all in their power to get an answer from sega.



I figure I'd get in early with this. On videoGaiden we're doing a thing where I'm trying to get the "internet peoples" to rise up and demand Shenmue III in a major way.

By "major", I mean...doing lots of photoshops and shit. And making videos. And making protest songs. And painting stuff on themselves. And doing petitions. And marching on Sega's offices. All of this. Any of this.

The deal is - if we get a big groundswell of activity, I'll send the episodes of the show to Sega and go "for fuck's sake, look!" And then I'll demand a definitive answer. And then we'll have made Shenmue III happen.


No, seriously SHUT UP!

So will we kick this off? You want Shenmue III? How bad do you want it? You want to be on telly?


I need all this stuff, and info about my campaign, to be stuck on EVERY FORUM ON THE INTERNET.

I need Shenmue fan communities to be ON BOARD.

I need even foreign people on. So if you're BI (lingual) give it a wee try. Hit the foreign forums.

I need websites told about this EVERYWHERE. I will do interviews, naked, with Shenmue III etched on my hide. ANYTHING.

I need big forums like NeoGaf to be told about this, and hammered with it. I haven't got an account there, so I can't post about it. Do you have one there? Please help!


Their official site is here:

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RBlaze4450d ago

lol, im in! Im a huge Shenmue fan and i wanna get to the end of the game! Final showdown with Landi! Seriously, if they released a huge game, with the origional, th secnd, n a new third itd be amazing! thers so many shenmue fans!

Morbius4204450d ago

would release a box set of all three games each with achievements.

Phil Harrison4450d ago

A long time member on that forum. I got banned from going against the idea of this campaign. As if we havne't seen enough of these "campaigns". Shemnue III being released is up to SEGA.

You can find my post, I'm the only one against it.

calderra4450d ago

Not to mention, Yu Suzuki has made clear his intentions for the series for several years at this point.

Pointless, stupid, and poorly written.
It's the average internet petition!

ASSASSYN 36o4450d ago

Screw that I want Steel Battalion loc 2 from capcom on Xbox 360

Apocalypse Shadow4450d ago

sega seems mre content with releasing and making a sequel for's more dark and darker games sell more these days.a showdown with lan di would have been cool.or even having secret characters in vf5 that were in shenmue.

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