DK: Tropical Freeze Moves 1,000 Units in Japan, Shows Why Variety is Important

GaminRealm: "It’s too early to make 100% absolute statements, but the latest Media Create sales shows that Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze has so far failed to make any significant difference in the Wii U’s sales. While the game itself has managed to sell pretty well within the first 3 days of it’s launch in Japan, Wii U sales were increased by only a factor of 1.2%."

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TripC502679d ago

I didn't expect DKTF to sell more consoles. MK8 and SSB should help though (MK8 being the one that NEEDS to sell big).

LOL_WUT2679d ago

Oh here we go again just as with 3D world... You guys need to stop jumping to conclusions about certain games saving the WiiU. HOPEFULLY it does better here in the US I got my copy pre ordered ;)

ReesesPuffs2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Nothing wrong with being optimistic. Besides I don't think anyone was expecting this to really move systems including Nintendo and same here. Very eager to pick up my copy this Friday along with Thief on Tuesday.

TripC502679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

What does ;) mean? You didn't pre order it?

live2play2679d ago

so we cant jump to conclusions about the wiiu turning around but idiots can jump to conclusions that the wiiu will doom nintendo...?

Neonridr2678d ago

@LOL_WUT - 3D World has moved almost 500K units in Japan, not too shabby for a country that only has an install base of about 1.25 million..

stragomccloud2678d ago

I don't think anyone thought of Donkey Kong as a system seller.

pcz2678d ago

its just another run of the mill platform game with dk and friends pasted in.

i certainly wouldnt buy it and it seems the japanese game playing public dont want to either.

nintendo need to step their game up big time

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Chrischi19882678d ago

All the games together do it, only haters think one game can change it all. But if there is one game, that can change a lot, it is Mario Kart, you ask why? Because Mario Kart is a game, everyone loves, even the biggest Ninty Haters like to play Mario Kart.

tinparron2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

My sentiments were/are pretty much the same. The game looks great and surely it will be awesome...but it isn't what the console needs right now. There are soooo many side-scrolling platformers available for the U at the moment.

I completely understand Retro wanted to do this, and more power to them. However, the game probably could have waited. A 3D platformer would have been great with visuals like these! Something that would let players explore and have fun. Oh well.

Here's to DK:TF! Hope it kills over her in the US ^_^

truechainz2679d ago

And I doubt it will make a big splash regardless, but it will be fun as hell and I will enjoy the challenge personally. I disagree with the author though because even though he thinks Metroid would help sales more when Matroid has never been a system seller either (though it would be cool)and likely wouldn't be able to do much better for the wii u.

Geekman2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Nobody expected the game to RISE Wii U sales. Contrary to what people said about MK8, Smash, Bayonetta, X, Fire Elbem, etc, nobody on any social community said "I'll buy a Wii U when the new Dk game comes out." I'm convinced that the only people who thought we thought the game was gonna sell Wii Us were non Nintendo fans.

theizzzeee2678d ago

I think one thing people need to note is that when SMW3D came out there Wii U sales didn't increase much. Then weeks later the Wii U sales got a big bump. So I don't think much either way about it at this point.

Chrischi19882678d ago

Yeah exactly, I love Donkey Kong, but I never expected it to be a game changer^^ But I know there will be haters, who try to put words in our mouths and act like we said it will change everything, like they do on every game. Firt the game gets announced, then haters will push an article about "Will game XYZ save the Wii U?", then we will say, it wont, but it will help, then haters come, bash everything to the ground, we defend, they act like we actually said, that it will change everything, then the game doesnt meet haters expectations, then they come and say, we said it will change everything, like on game XYZ before... what a violent hater cycle.

Geekman2679d ago

I'm tired of people who would deny a great game simply because it's not a system seller. Not a single Metroid game, even Other M, has sold under a million units, and even on the Gamecube, which was selling what the Wii U is now, Metroid sold over a million units. I know TENS of people who have told me they would buy a Wii U if they put Metroid on it. Do not DENY a good game to a Franchise that is rarely touched simply because you have the delusion that it won't sell well.

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