Dark Souls II - "Hollow" Trailer Will Give You Goosebumbs

Enjoy the Trailer

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DeletedAcc3265d ago

Cannot wait to die in dark souls 2

seanpitt233264d ago

And die and die and die and die and die and die............... Lol

ALARM-clock3264d ago

"This isn't about death, this is about what you learn from death."

I have a feeling they released this in response to the Fox News propaganda. Very affective trailer. Them feels. <3

CaEsAr-3264d ago

Glad this game comes out on my birthday on 11th, March :D

01animeking3264d ago

i really hope im not disappointed since dark souls was so amazing

theshredded3264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

My favourite game,new ip,franchise!Easily the best and most influential new Ip

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