Wild Tomba! 2 Screenshots Released to Celebrate PSN Launch

In celebration of Tomba! 2’s release, a fresh batch of screenshots have been released today, showcasing the updated visuals of the PSN port.

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Revolt132840d ago

sooooo happy to be able to play it again! :D

Ron_Danger2840d ago

Just a heads up to anyone looking to buy Tomba 2 on the PS Store: It's the Japanese version. Not sure if it's an error on Sony's part, but the version in the US store has all Japanese text. You can even see the Japanese symbols in the first picture in the article here.

Still a great sequel and game.

SamPao2840d ago

This game is legendary, good that Us guys and girls can finaly get it too!

cervantes992840d ago

I think the wrong version is on PSN at the moment. It is the Japanese version. It does not indicate the Japanese version when you buy it and the title for the game is the Western version but when you download it you get the Japanese version.

Disappointed for sure - but I am sure this will get fixed and I can download the US version soon.