Metal Gear Solid V PS4 vs Xbox One Detailed Screenshot Comparison: PS4 is the Clear Winner

The trailer provided by Kojima productions to compare the different versions of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes doesn't do a very good job at actually comparing PS4 and Xbox One, showing them just side by side or in sequence. This screenshot comparison helps seeing the difference a lot better.


Updated with news about why the PS4 version shows no clouds. It is the only one that has a dynamic atmospheric simulation, so the clip was taken when there were no clouds in the sky. But it *will* have clouds.

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ElementX2713d ago

Do we really need comparisons from 10 different websites? Everybody knows the PS4 looks better by now.

Abriael2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

This is a completely different comparison, made partly with different shots, and shows the difference a lot better with the GIFS. Putting the shots side by side o in sequence with a big time difference doesn't do a good job in showing any difference at all.

Having shots switching quickly put the differences in a much easier light to detect for the brain and eye. Just click on the animated GIFs and you'll see that there's a world of difference that the video didn't even get close to show.

If you tell me you can see the difference clearly in this without the help of the animated GIF, I'll commend your eyesight and short term visual memory with all my heart.

alexkoepp2713d ago

"The trailer provided by Kojima productions to compare the different versions of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes doesn't do a very good job at actually comparing PS4 and Xbox One, showing them just side by side or in sequence. This screenshot comparison helps seeing the difference a lot better"

So what you are saying is that when you watch the trailers you can't tell the difference?

Sounds about right...

Abriael2713d ago

@alexkoepp: definitely not nearly as well then by watching still switch lined up with pixel precision.

The shots in the trailer aren't even lined up well in order to make comparing PS4 and Xbox One harder.

ElementX2713d ago

You posted yet another comparison from your DS website the other day comparing the different platforms and yet you couldn't even show the same screens for PS4 and Xbox One. Why didn't you just wait until you could get the same screens and write up one article instead of two or more? It's like you keep writing about the same things over and over because there's no news.

Eonjay2713d ago

Yeah the GIF does really drive the point home. Now with the news of dynamic weather...

Abriael2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

@ElementX: that comparison was mostly between PS3 and PS4 and between Xbox One and Xbox 360, the shots between PS4 and Xbox One were just a bonus and didn't have nearly the level of precision as this.

We report what we see. At that time direct comparison shots between PS4 and Xbox One weren't available. Now they are. You seem angry for some reason.

esemce2713d ago

Damn they are some blurry textures on the Xbone.

GarrusVakarian2713d ago

I'm quite shocked that the X1 looks closer to the 360 version than it does the PS4.

Dat upscaled 720p blurry look.

BX812713d ago

@ Lukas. You have to consider a couple of things here. 1. Kojima is a Sony dev so I'm sure he was more concerned with the ps3/ps4 versions more.
2. Kojima probably feels bad he sold out the Sony fans for some MS money so his way of showing his loyalty is by making the Sony versions look better.
3. The ps4 is more powerful and easier to dev for. I think games wil
Def. look better than they do now on xb1 down the road.

I also think both the ps4 and xb1 versions look great. I'm gonna pick up this game day 1.

My_precious2713d ago


how the f kojima í sony dev when kojima product belong to konami?

badz1492713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )


comparison after comparison like beating a dead horse might not be necessary BUT some people find it fun to just rub it in the opponent face! nothing says "Flawless Victory" like an excessive celebration dance! this:

EDIT: LOL the video ended unlike how I imagined!

hay2713d ago

The only difference I see is that the one which appears on screenshots where PS4 screenies are DOWNscaled, while XBO UPscaled, which leads to obvious blur in case of the latter(pixel multiplication).
When both images are DOWNscaled, game looks pretty much identical on those screenshots.

Mystogan2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

PS4 version looks slightly better. Not "OMG I need to buy it on PS4" better. This story will continue for the rest of the generation. Unless Microsoft finally comes out with their cloud tech to improve graphics.

Resolution doesn't make a whole lot of difference as much as the PSfanboys would like it.

Boody-Bandit2713d ago

The PS4 version looks "slightly" better? Maybe you need to borrow my glasses. But than again I can tell the significant differences between the X1 and PS4 even with my glasses off.

The X1 version looks closer to the 360 version than the PS4. The PS4 clearly stands alone in this comparison.

morganfell2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Here is a serious comparison for you. Guess which is which:

And look at this shot. What happened to the guard? Was he sleeping in the other versions?


Brutally, just look at Mystogan's adult comments. He remarks how the PlayStation Move Sucks - yes that is the mature descriptive he uses, attacks PS3 titles wherever he can, and he talks a great deal in his post history about graphics. For someone that now claims resolution does not matter, it was certainly of enough importance in the past. The past being where he said the 360 would pass the Wii of course.

And just to clarify now he also bragged endlessly about 360 sales.

There are numerous other posts where his chest thumping ended in utter defeat as the 360 now sits in 3rd place and is falling ever further behind the PS3. So much for his short lived triumph. I can only imagine his rage over the sales of the current gen. I mean there were more posts talking utter crap over sales than I could count.

He is also one of the world's biggest promoters of Kinect. Look how that helped this generation. Ooops.

And the last time I checked the 360 was in last place.

dmeador2713d ago

"click on the animated GIFs and you'll see that there's a world of difference that the video didn't even get close to show"

This. PS4 is hands down the better looking game, but you will never have someone playing on the X1 complain about graphics. I'd say imo it looks about 20% better. And jesus I almost forgot to say I've got a PS4, that was a close one

HiddenMission2713d ago

@Abrial looked at the link you provided and it's very clear that the Xboxone version is very muddy texture wise compared the PS4 version.

The video actually from Konami seals the deal the versions from worst to best are as follows:

360, PS3, XB1, PS4

...remember I didn't make the video but I do have eyes Konami simply pointed out how much better 1080p versus 720p is.

Those who say they look the same need to hit up the eye doctor or at the least stay off the f***ing road because...they're blind as shit!

morganfell2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )


I heartily agree. What is occurring now and will occur for the rest of this generation, or at least until the Xbox Division is sold off has been earned a hundred times over. Every post attacking Sony supporters and poking fun at them relentlessly for years has reserved for those same people the current and coming nightmare.

They asked for this. They paid for it and it is only fair they should recieve that for which they repeatedly asked. Their own actions made it patently clear this is how one should respond to competitors.

It is laughable that they continued unabated for almost the whole of the last generation and here they are not even a year into this new hardware era and they are screaming for Sony supporters as well as impartial gamers to please please stop.

No. It will not stop. The gap will grow. PlayStation Now will make facets other than resolution and horsepower alone simply unbearable.

It will not cease and no quarter shall be given.

mmcglasson2712d ago


Actually when PS3 first launched multi-plats looked better on 360. Eventually multi-plats PS3 started looking just as good if not better (depending on the developer). GTA IV on the 360 had better resolution (upscaled) but PS3 version typically had more pedestrians on the street/vehicles. GTA V performed better on the PS3 and looked better on the PS3. Some foilage on the 360 looked better than the PS3 one though.

I remember IGN or GameInformer saying that COD MW had better something on PS3 vs better something else on 360. Dragons Dogma looked better and performed better on PS3 (overall). On PS3 it had 3-5FPS less on average but it had much less screen tearing than the 360 version.

The list goes on to be honest. Only towards the beginning of the PS3 did the multiplatform games suffer. Except from developers that never learned to use the Cell correctly.

ANother example:

MGS Rising: was better on PS3.

frostypants2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

@Mystogan: "Unless Microsoft finally comes out with their cloud tech to improve graphics."


morganfell2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )


No one is saying there were not multiplat titles that looked better on the PS3. Certainly there were. However often they looked better on the 360. Usually the margin was extremely narrow if it existed at all. There were some bad cases such as Bayonetta but those was hardly the norm.

But you would never have known it from the stories posted here.

Your join date is Nov 2013. Maybe you visited here before that and were ghosting. It didn't matter if some games looked better on the PS3 or that exclusives on the PS3 were unmatched by the 360 in the true horsepower department. The "PS3 is teh doomed" bashing was unabated and unchecked. And it was party chat this and party chat that as if party chat was more important than the game itself.

Several times every story on the main page was about the demise of Sony, the death of the PS3, should Sony get out of the business. It was relentless. And it went on for years. PS3 fans were sick of it but we knew what the numbers were telling us. The worldwide numbers.

NPD figures and that fake crap from vgchartz, always heavily slanted toward MS were used to punch Sony supporters non-stop. Never mind that in the world the PS3 was advancing on the 360 like a silent predator. And yes at the end of the day the PS3 has crushed the 360.

We also realized in February if most of Sony's own developers were unaware of the PS4 possessing 8Gb of Ram then certainly MS was about to be checked at the boards. And they were.

That matters not. It was years of non-stop crap from quite a few members of this site and now they are getting fed their comeuppance with a bucket loader.

mewhy322712d ago

wow. the games speak for themselves!!! I'm so glad that I got a PS4 instead of the xbone. Wow. PS4 is pooring on the graphics.

Why o why2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Mystogan, you've been exposed as a hypocritical troll. Please.. shut the ** up from here on. Its going to be long 8 years and I doubt you'll have the stamina to ride it or the humility to suck it up. We laugh at you and your specific type in advance. Funny how things you championed as important aren't as important when the shoes on the other foot.

It'll be interesting to see if the differences will be highlighted by the gaming media in terms of review scores. Digital foundry, lens of truth, edge, polygon....the staple of a factions fodder... I wonder how they'll deal with the long 8 that beckons.

Pain2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

karma's a b!tch.

VforVideogames2712d ago

The skies and faces look way better on XB1 but everything else looks better on ps4. IMO.

ebreda2712d ago

"world of difference" - Lol.

Kevin ButIer2712d ago

Wow... just wow... i wasn't expecting that much of a gap

DAS6922712d ago

When you have a 60" t.v. Resolution DOES matter, and it makes a BIG difference. True 1080p is much easier on the eyes when you look at it on a television as big as mine, and with 4K televisions sliding into the market, (The minimum size being roughly 55" on those televisions) It's definitely gonna make the Xbone look even more last-gen than before.

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ovnipc2713d ago

Its no denial that the PS4 version it wayy superior than all the others. Xbox one version its like a 20% increase from last gen when PS4 its like a 60% increase quality the lightning looks amazing. PS4 version for me. But the game its so short that I may rent it.

TheDrunkenJester2713d ago

Not that I disagree with you, but my issue with the video is that they show the ps4 with these great backdrop pieces, at night in the rain to show the great lighting. But then the x1/360 comparison was of a fence and some mud and stupid stuff. When they did the running/f's speed slow down, that scene looked identical between ps4 and x1.

HiddenMission2713d ago

@TheDrunkenJester you good sir need glasses. In no shot did the PS4 version and XB1 version look the same.

1080p and 720p are night and day. Hold a min do you even own an HDTV that supports 1080p because if you did you would not be making a comment like this...

just saying...little joke but not 100%...

Keeping an eye on you...with grin j/k

gigoran2712d ago

Don't believe what the morons at Kotaku said. Kojima and his representatives stated that what Kotaku said were complete lies about the length of the game. Those idiots just like to make drama and try to look important when all they are are a bunch of hacks.

TheDrunkenJester2712d ago

@Hidden yes I have a full hd 1080p 3d blah blah why does everyone think that you don't have a nice TV if you can't tell the difference? The difference is minuscule because the game isn't even that great looking. If he could get the ps3/360 to look that good I bet they could have got the x1 to 1080 or at least 900. The fact is kojima/konami/mgs had always been a Sony product and this is the first fully developed multiplat MGS, so I'm sure they are keeping the Sony version the top dog. I'm a huge MGS fan and I'm not putting down the game or ps4 (because I always buy play stations for the exclusives obviously) but I think they could have tried harder on the x1 and got at least 900p.

My main point though is the resolution is hardly a big deal, but people want to nit pick about everything.

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ITPython2713d ago

Wonder if these comparison shots were taken before or after the removal of the sharpening filter for the XB1.

I would assume yes, because the XB1 shots are quite blurry compared to the crystal clear and sharp PS4 shots. I mean that last shot of the warning sign, my goodness!... lol, a bit of XB1 foreshadowing going on with that picture. WARNING is absolutely correct.

BX812713d ago

Go to and watch the comparison video of all consoles. It's pretty good. The ps4 looks the best but the xb1 version definetly doesn't look bad either.

hulk_bash19872713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

You can clearly see that the PS4 version is alot clearer if you do a side by side. But, I highly doubt that Xbox One gamers will lose sleep over it. I've always gotten MGS on Sony Machines and that is the way it's gonna stay. But going multi-plat means that more people can fall in love with the franchise and that is great in my book.

noctis_lumia2713d ago

u mean more ppl will be confused
ppl have to play all the MGS to have a clue about the story...

metal gear solid isnt the typical stealth shoot that u just rush it and be done with.

hulk_bash19872713d ago

They can always go back and play the previous games. They arent that hard to find.

frostypants2712d ago

@noctis_lumia: I've played most of the MGS games and even I haven't the faintest f*cking clue what the hell is going on anymore. The plots are completely absurd.

_FantasmA_2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Yes. We need this. In fact we need more articles and comparions. You know if the 180 was more powerful, the PS4 is doomed and Sony has no gamez bullcrap would be on an endless replay loop. Now its our turn to rub it in and rub it in we will.

noctis_lumia2713d ago

well said

ps3-360 era the ms fangirls kept bashin sony fanboys for the multiplats

6 years of trolling...dam i will savour every single minute

Kurylo3d2713d ago

And you should savor it. Microsoft dropped the ball this gen. They had a more powerful console last gen. This gen sony has a much more powerful console.

Still though for people complaining.. its not a huge difference in this particular game. Last gen the differences were gigantic.. this gen .. its like.. whatever... i can see 5 pixels here instead of 6.

Nocando2713d ago

The Ps3 won last gen, what else is there to rub in? Plus I was here back in 06-07, and the PS fans were unbearable then and even moreso now.Tired of seeing you guys play the last gen victim card, especially when its not true. Sony fans have always been the aggressors.
Since the first Xbox, hell, since the Dreamcast I have gotten nothing but shit from Sony fans because I refuse to drink the kool aid. You are amongst the most fanatical, nasty, vitriolic gamers ever yet you refuse to admit it.

BlackTar1872712d ago


What was your name in 2006-2007 all i see is you joined less then a year ago.

You are outright lying by saying Xbox fans weren't the aggressors. For proof look at all the comparison sites that were started last gen and how many of them flourished under the XBOX WINS again tag lines.

Xbox fans seriously need to stop with the crap of it doesn't matter and game play. They spent 6 yrs preaching how Exclusives didn't really matter since Multi plats were the best sellers. They oved the missing grass on a game and chose to run it in every minute.

Now They have some Exclusives and now its all about exclusives. Now they lose Comparisons so now it doesn't matter its all about Gameplay.

Stop lying to yourself and stop lying to people like me.

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quenomamen2713d ago

You obviously have not been to an Xb1 forum.

dale_denton2713d ago

power of the cloudz hard at work

Why o why2713d ago

Some people still disagree with that fact elementx

Visiblemarc2713d ago

You won't believe how much better your comment looks in the PS4 browser vs the Xb1's.

Screenshots incoming.

Magicite2713d ago

as u can see, there are people who still disagree with that.

asmith23062713d ago

Gamers have to be the pickiest bunch of idiots ever. Them gifs show very little difference. And I am a PS fan through and through.

Cryptcuzz2712d ago

The gifs show very little difference?

That right there is a load of shite...
So you are telling me the gifs of the warning sign is not so much more clear, with better textures and longer draw distance on the PS4 compared to the X1 version?

If your answer is yes to that question, I suggest you seek a professional with your eye sight.

asmith23062712d ago

@Cryptcuzz - Get my eyes seen to by a professional? Over a few gifs? Don't be such a nob. Another embarressment of a gamer.

It's not "so much more clear", it's clearer. Big deal. Bitching and whining about the slightest details that you won't even notice when you are playing the game. The only way to notice is when the two are side by side and that is not gonna be the case when you are actually playing the game on either platform.

BlackTar1872712d ago


You are doing to much. The difference isn't like ps1 to ps4 levels but the difference is very clear and not hard to spot since it is quite different.

MysticStrummer2713d ago

"Everybody knows the PS4 looks better by now."

Sure they do, but the problem is many still won't admit it. As long as they pretend not to know, the news stays relevant.

Hicken2713d ago

Look at corvus, geobros, and others below: still downplaying or outright denying reality.

As long AD that's going on, there will still be a need for such articles.

TheGreatAndPowerful2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

This is going to be a long and painful gen for Xbone users. heh

Ju2712d ago

All three of them (LOL, couldn't resist).

come_bom2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Yep, everyone expected the PS4 to have the best version, but it seems that Kojima and his team didn't even put a effort to improve the X1 version. The X1 version looks like crap.

I don't have a X1, but my advice to X1 owners. Do NOT support this game. Do NOT support lazy developers.

Revolver_X_2712d ago

You of all ppl calling Kojima a "lazy" developer. Oh, the ignorance.

come_bom2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )


Tell me something. What shall we call a developer that does a crap job porting a game to a console for a fast buck, a console that already has much better looking games on it then MGS5 ?

I call those developers lazy, because I know Kojima and his team can do better then that. If you have a better name to define those developers, enlighten me.

gigoran2712d ago

Please refresh me... when was the last time you made a multiplatform game? Never you say? Well that's a pretty bold statement coming from someone that has absolutely no experience in developing games.

He had 2 next gen systems to work with. He pushed the game as far as he could on the ps4 and had room to spare. With the xbone, you can only work with what you have. So that's why you are left with the inferior product. Not because of the developer, but because of MS. You wanna blame someone? Blame the stupid company that designed the console to be the inferior next gen system. Jeez...

Show me a statement made by Kojima or one of his staff where they officially say that they didn't care for the xbone so they put as little effort into it as possible, then I'll agree with you. Till then how about you do what the rest of the normal gamers do and appreciate the wonderful games he makes instead of making excuses for MS.

nycgamer4ever2712d ago


With that attitude you wont have much to play this gen besides exclusives cause just about every multiplatform game will be better on one console.

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imt5582712d ago

Where is Xbone's cloud computing for dynamic clouds in MGS: GZ?P

1Victor2712d ago

@ ElementX
but but there's 10 guys one on each site that don't know about it

bennissimo2712d ago

Resolution shmesolution.

I want a better-written MGS game, one that doesn't REQUIRE 30+ minute cutscenes in order to make sense.

gigoran2712d ago

Then why are you playing MGS games? They have always been like that. Probably you should just go play something else. How about the original MG games. Lots of text, but not as long.