IGN:Toukiden The Age of Demons Review

It usually feels lazy to explain a game by pointing at another one, but Toukiden copies the fundamentals of its inspiration - Monster Hunter, namely - so well that the comparison is unavoidable. You slay big nasties with one of several weapon classes and make new weapons and armour out of their parts, using a green and peaceful village as a base; meanwhile, the demon design, spellcasting and Mind’s Eye special ability, which highlights weak demon-parts, all call Soul Sacrifice to mind. It’s not a clone, though. It’s simpler, and has a couple of surprising weapons classes. None of it really grabs the attention, however, and though Toukiden is perfectly competent within its narrow ambitions, it’s also roundly unexceptional.

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Blastoise3264d ago

Gotta say this review (and Jim Sterling's) highlighted a few of the worries I had about the game after playing the demo. It's something I'll pick up at some point for sure, but right now I'm glad I bought DanganRonpa instead

plzmakesense3264d ago

yeah she sounds like she just wanted a monster hunter plz judge the game on how it plays not by what its inspired by or what its trying to copy i hate these monster hunter comparison i got it for the psp never put more than 30 minutes in to it because it was so boring .... but any way i will get this for my vita in the week or so

dark-kyon3263d ago

another monster hunter fanboy review.

Inception3263d ago

It's funny right?

When game A inspired by game B, some reviewer downplay it because they think: why they should play game A when game B already did it?

And now when Toukiden got it's own charm compare to Monster Hunter, some reviewer did the oposite. They want Toukiden to be 100% like Monster Hunter.

SMH, video game journalist this day is a joke -_-

Saurian3263d ago

EVERY review of any sort of action game from IGN needs to be taken with a massive pinch of salt. The reviewers are incredibly lazy, they simply engage in a box-ticking exercise and never bother to appraise a game on its own merits.

Hunting games such as this are now a genre, there are a set of conventions which you find in all games of this genre. To criticise one game for having elements of another is just ignorant and lazy on the part of the reviewer. They wouldn't, for example, criticise an FPS for sharing mechanics and concepts with other games of the genre would they?

Video games journalism today is a joke. They are an enemy of game designers who want to push game mechanics forward and a menace to the industry as a whole. Because of the idiot reviewers and the cancerous attitude they spread among the gaming audience, it's becoming harder and harder to sell a mechanics-led game to the gaming public. We need to get rid of these people, and the easiest way to do that is to make them irrelevant by not listening to them.

Chaos_Raiden3263d ago

I pretty much have fun playing Toukiden: The Age of Demons.

SirBradders3263d ago

Toukiden is a great game and I wouldn't want it to be too much like monster hunter because A: MH is a very slow paced game and B: it's not made by the same people.

Toukiden is really fun if your into action rpg's, people just love to hate.

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