Developers are more interested in releasing games on PS4 than Xbox One

According to a poll conducted by the Game Developers Conference, nearly 20% of developers are hoping to release their upcoming games on the PS4, while just under 17% chose the Xbox One.

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Skips2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Pretty much.

When comparing the two, it's much more powerful, easier to develop for, and has a larger user base. Won't be surprised if that 3% rises even more in the future when the install base gap widens even more. (Especially when it hits Japan).

Those PC/Tablet numbers tho. lol

2412d ago
MysticStrummer2412d ago

"the "so called" power gap is so small it's a non factor to everyone accept Sony lovers."

How many multi plats will show a clear difference before you admit there's a power gap? XB1 can't even keep up with a cross gen game, as we've already seen and MGS is about to show again. I'm sure for devs trying to make their game look as good as it can, that very real power gap is a very real factor.

Of course devs would rather make their games for PS4 than XB1. More power, easier to work with, and the cheaper price leads to a bigger install base. The math is simple. MS better hope things pick up soon, or in a year it may be like WiiU all over again.

Army_of_Darkness2412d ago

@edonus "so called" power gap is so small it's a non factor to everyone accept Sony lovers.

1080p vs. 720p.... is not a small gap in terms of video games.

Deadpoolio2412d ago

@edonus: HEY Genius.....You know that Irrational Games is closing themselves right? They weren't shut down by 2k derp, Ken Levine made the decision to close the studio to work on new smaller things

DigitalRaptor2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

@ Edonus

Your comments seem only exist now to expose your insecurities and fanboy tendencies.

1) There are more developers making games for PS4, and more PS4 games in development. That backs this survey up, even if there is only a small percentage difference in its results here.

2) Irrational Games closed themselves down. Ken Levine is moving on to other things.

3) 720p vs. 1080p is not a "small" or a "non-factor". It's a telling tale and is applying across some of the biggest upcoming multiplatform games. A bigger deal was made of smaller differences last generation, just so you know.

4) PS4 is the "hot boy" now, and for the foreseeable future - likely the entire generation. They earned that.

5) "unless you wanted real innovation" - so, like TV integration and paying for free apps?

6) So... 3 months into an 8-10 year cycle and there are no weaknesses? How much worse do you think it's going to get for Sony, seriously? How much worse is the quality and diversity of their game lineup going to get? How much less do you think they're going to outpace the competition during those 8-10 years, when they outpaced them with all the perceived negatives and a delayed launch last-gen?

7) And who would make such a "dumb survey"? Those seeking the general consensus, which by the way, says PS4.

And FINALLY, it seems like the entire industry are loving Sony right now, so the entire industry are "Sony lovers" and "Sony ponies". LMAO!

Giul_Xainx2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Xbots are mad because the circus shows they deployed against the ps3 will no longer work. Lense of truth, chad warden, development issues, cell, vgchartz, xbl, marketing, and availability.

There is really no exploits this time around. The ps4 is a well roux mix of everything you gamers scrutinized the ps3 for. We can only thank the xbots for creating the ps4.

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come_bom2412d ago

The title of this article should be "Developers are more interested in releasing games on PC and Smartphones then other devices"

wtopez2412d ago

Or "Developers more interested in releasing more games on PC than on PS4 and X1 combined".

starchild2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

While console fanboys like you argue over the PS4's 19.66% vs the XB1's 16.95% (hardly any difference) the PC has more developer interest than any other platform with a whopping 52.04%.

That's more than the PS4, XB1 and Wii U combined (41.03% vs 52.04%).

MysticStrummer2412d ago

Hmmm… console article… check.

Meaningless PC comment… check.

Carry on.

starchild2412d ago

It's not meaningless, you just don't want to hear it.

The "article" is pure fanboy drivel. My comment is entirely relevant to the actual figures that this "article" is supposed to be based on.

You are exactly the kind of person that would defend crap like this. Anything that will give you a chance to bash the 'enemy' console, all the while you ignore reality and the wider context surrounding you.

nukeitall2412d ago


You have to get with the program on n4ps4. Your comment is meaningless because it doesn't favor the PS4.

ArmrdChaos2412d ago

Statistics only matter when they are in your favor. There is always a "reason" when they are not. Of course that is only for the individuals that feel a need for vindication.

DragonKnight2412d ago

@starchild: So the fact that 50.63% of developers wanted to put their games on smartphones and tablets is completely lost on you isn't it?

Here's some questions you should be asking.

What kind of developers showed these interests?

See, to me, the fact that 52% and 50% of devs wanted to put their games on PC and Mobile respectively tells me that a lot of these devs listed multiple devices when asked, and that it's likely most of them are indie devs. I say this because most non-indie developers aren't putting games on mobile and tablets, but most devs who will put a game on PC will also put a game on mobile and tablets.

Are you happy with developer interest coming from indie devs more than non-indie Triple A devs?

What if the developer interest translates to shovelware games, or freemium/pay to win games?

The thing about so many PC gamers who come into console articles like you have is that they always sound so insecure. You just had to post an irrelevant PC elitist comment without completely thinking it through just so you could find a way to say "teh PC iz bettar."

That's really sad you know.

You should just go back to begging for our "console peasant" games that you don't, but actually do, want so badly like you did for GTAV and Dark Souls and so many other games.

starchild2412d ago

Piss off, DragonKnight. You Sony fanboys are the ones that constantly sound insecure, flooding into articles by the hundreds and making irrelevant comments.

And as for begging for console games, I don't know how effective petitions are but there is nothing wrong with wanting more games on your preferred platform. Sony gamers also have made plenty of petitions.

In any case, the PC gets more games than any other platform. You might be able to point out a couple multiplats that the PC has missed out on, but I can point just as many or more that your precious PS3 missed out on. The Witcher 2, Alan Wake, Splinter Cell Conviction, Titanfall, Mark of the Ninja, Metro 2033, to name a few.

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Joey_Leone2411d ago

Of course man, its a no brainer. A console focused on games and easy to develop for? Or a console thats focused on TV and hard to develop for.

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oODEADPOOLOo2412d ago

"the Wii U barely irked out an appearance with just 4.4% of developer interest. In fact, more developers are looking to release their games on the PS3 and Xbox 360 respectively than on the Wii U."


T-Dawg62412d ago

But... We have Titanfall.

Ricegum2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )


It's true, he has Titanfall. Well that's that, he wins at life.

iNFAMOUZ12412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Pc is microsoft

Boody-Bandit2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )


So if I play a game on my Sony Vaio laptop and install the disc using my Sony BluRay DVD drive but it's a mircosoft game because of Windows OS?

That never made a damn bit of sense to me. So I guess Dell, Alienware, ASUS, Sony, Hewlett Packard, etc and so on should all just stop making computers and laptops since MS makes all the money? SMDH

What about app games like Candy Crush? Does MS own them too since I can play them on my Windows OS on my laptop and PC. Oh but wait I can also play it on my Ipad and smart phone that don't have a Windows OS. Seriously I'm confused. MS might get a little coin with certification fees for games to run on Windows OS but it's not an MS game.

That's like saying any peripheral (keyboard, Wheel, Fight Stick, 3rd party controllers, headphones, etc and so on) that works on an XBOX 360 or XBOX ONE are all MS products.

Wait a minute. The XBOX ONE has a BluRay drive and Sony owns a percentage of the BluRay format. So that means all physical games on the X1 are Sonys? See. That's what I mean by silly. PC is not Microsoft.

MysticStrummer2412d ago

@iNFAMOUZ1 - So you're saying it's the same for MS if you play the game on your 360 or PC that you already own… as opposed to buying a new console in order to play the second best version of Titanfall? Do you really think it's all the same to them? If so, you're wrong.

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MysticStrummer2412d ago

…except on XB1, where the devs opted to preserve the visual aesthetic of the original title.

KingKongKilla2412d ago

What's Going To Be Funny When Microsoft Says Alright Here's Another 30 Million To Keep It Exclusive Once Again. Microsoft Kills Sony With Exclusives! Money Rules Everything! And Who's Making More For Each Consle Microsoft.

TristanPR772412d ago

What? Is that the best you can come up to? A COD clone with bots running at last gen 720p?


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Fishy Fingers2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Wow... A mighty 3% difference.

Mobile/PC are the big "winners". I use the term loosely.

jaredhart2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

It shows that various early indicators are in Sony's favor.

bleedsoe9mm2412d ago

both 20% and 17% are pathetic when 51% are making iphone/ipad games and 52% are making pc/mac games . the headline should be devs flock to pc and apple

Fishy Fingers2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Just a blatant attempt to generate attention by using the console war rather than actually reporting what is/could've been interesting news. Embarrassing.

OrangePowerz2412d ago

Given the quality of 95% of mobile games they can keep those games. Thanks to mobile and social gaming we have microtransactions.

mhunterjr2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Lol if you come out of a conference survey with a 3% margin, and find that news worthy, especially when the margin of error is probably even greater, you've got issues.

Given all the negative PR MS has been getting, I would have thought the margin would be 20% or better. 17% vs 20% is nothing to write home about. The real story is that mobile and PC are by far the platforms of interest for developers... Sony and MS need to do more to make their platforms as desirable to developers.

Kiwi662412d ago

but people will find any reason to make things look worse plus this story was the same one posted by maria earlier

jessupj2411d ago

The PS4 actually has increased interest of 17.6% compared to the xbone.

And this early in the life cycle, 17% is very significant.

And the sales gap is only going to widen.

mhunterjr2411d ago

What are you talking about? there's a 3% difference. That means if there were 100 console developers at the conference only 3 would want to make ps4 exclusive games, the rest would make games for both consoles... For all we know, those 3% could have represented developers that already have exclusive deals in place. That margin is insignificant

Compare that to the interest that PC and mobile got and that 3 percent becomes even more insignificant.