'Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze' familiar but fun | The denver post

“Donkey Kong Country Returns” for the Wii brought back great memories of playing this classic series on the Super Nintendo. “Tropical Freeze” for the Wii U expands upon the fun of the 2010 game.

A new group of baddies, the Snowmads, have taken over the island ­— and ruining Donkey Kong's birthday in the process. But our heroes aren't having any of that, and it's up to them to take back their home. The plot is similar to the Tiki takeover in “Returns.”

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Animavicion1702d ago

people still relies on Metacritic after what they did to alien swarm and wonderful 101?
The wolf among us is a great game and received only 85 too.

curtis921702d ago

Doesn't that sum up Nintendo?

"familiar, but fun."