Titanfall Maps, Monsters and Story Details to Blow Your Mind

IGN writes, "We've managed to get The Art of Titanfall book ahead of its release on February 25 and, in doing so, uncovered a range of new details on the weapons, maps, story and even the monsters of Titanfall."

Irishguy953506d ago

IF they managed to keep animals on certain maps under wraps for so long I would be impressed. I doubt it though, probably just part of the lore.

LAWSON723506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

Well I dont think they have shown the majority of the maps so it is possible. If they actually have managed to keep this hidden this long that is damn impressive.

I could see them working on the map but guess we will have to wait and see. I doubt it though it seems like a hell of thing to get people hyped but then again the game is already hyped enough

JokesOnYou3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

hmmm, very interesting...just the beta alone with only 2 maps has already been receiving massive praise all over the gaming community so just imagine 15 more maps(alot of diversity in locations will add tons of replayability), plus these new weapons+vehicles for burn cards???, new Titans and if Respawn has some huge surprises when Titanfall launches(creatures perhaps? but honestly I think that is just background lore, plus since its never ever mentioned before it seems unlikely to me). Still I'm sure Respawn has some kind of nice feature up their sleeve....Damm this is going to be a helluva game.

hellzsupernova3506d ago

What , they have said they are interactive!

This was a real shock and a rather cool feature

Khimarhi3506d ago

This is what the article says

... some of the creatures "will walk or fly around levels harmlessly until people interfere. Others will attack when you just stare at them...

Kornholic3506d ago

I've been playing Titanfall beta on pc for approximately 3 hours now and I'm enjoying it very much. Going to be a day one purchase for me on pc.

Team_Litt3506d ago

Sweet, but which platform will you buy it on?

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NYC_Gamer3506d ago

It seems like Respawn aren't making the typical online shooter with Titanfall

curtis923506d ago


titanfall... "blow your mind!"

the order: "Cause for worrying!"


Nero13143506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

It's ready at dawn first game on a console right ?

Mr Logic3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

It's respawn entertainment first game period right ?

Edit: What's with the disagrees? I'm not bashing Titanfall or praising the order just stating a fact.

PhantomT14123506d ago

@Mr Logic

Most of Respawn's staffs are ex-Infinity Ward devs so it's not like it's really their first game.

LAWSON723506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )


Respawn is made up of a very talented bunch with the majority of them coming from IW who made the extremely successful Modern Warfare series (1 and 2 not sure about 3)

I honestly dont see Ready At Dawn as new or worrying they made some good GoW games (I hear Ghost of Sparta is better than Chains of Olympus sadly I have not played them yet) as well as Daxter, which is arguably one of the best games on the PSP IMO. Oh and they are made up of devs from ND and Blizzard. Though it is correct other than Okami on Wii and ports of GoW they dont have much console experience.

Mr Logic3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

@ Phantom and Lawson

I am aware who Respawn is and where there staff comes from. Fact is that "Respawn" has not made a game. That is not debatable.

And the Logic you guys use is that it isn't really their first game however RaD are made up of ex ND and Blizzard like Lawson72 said so it is not like they do not have console experience.

Not to mention I find that argument very pointless. Sure Rad have worked mainly on PSP, but why should that matter. It's basically a slightly less powerful PS2. It's an analog, shoulder buttons, face buttons, d-pad. If anything this just opens up more possibilities and I like it when devs succeed.

Personally I don't own either PS4 or XOne and I don't generally like shooters. I was simply commenting.

Edit: And Lawson I played Daxter and Chains of Olympus back in the day and enjoyed them both very much. I later played Ghost of Sparta as part of the PS3 Origins collection and I would have to say it is better. I might dare say it is my favorite GoW game. I'm glad Sony is letting them stretch their legs. They seem like some talented guys and gals.

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hellzsupernova3506d ago

One game is nearly released so should run buttery smooth and be fantastic, the other is a small segment of a game that is being release in the next say 8 months, one has issues running at the moment, they are not being unbiased, just voicing their concerns over a game that they chose to show that didn't perform how it should.

I'm sure ready at dawn will nail down the frame rate.

And ready at dawn made the god of war psp games and finished daxter

Blastoise3506d ago

Titanfall just got a lot cooler

blackmanone3506d ago

This info will blow my mind? Titanfall looks like a good game but anyone who stays on the hype wagon this long is going to be disappointed when they realize its just another online shooter.

Neckbear3506d ago

I played it and it's much more than just another online shooter. With this and Strike Vector shooters are saved.

BX813506d ago

Umm no, I disagree with it being just the same as the rest.

Dragonborn3123506d ago

Seriously people who think the hype isn't real are sony fanboys or just major skeptics. I played it all weekend and so did my friends and it is incredible. Most fun I have had in an online shooter in a really really long time. I love the mobility, the verticality, and the interaction and balance between the pilots and the titans. Such an awesome game March 11th can't come soon enough. If you don't have a gaming pc and don't have the cash to get then I highly recommend getting an X1 for Titanfall. Such an awesome game.

Silly Mammo3506d ago

Or play it on their 360. And you really don't need a great PC. I maxed out the settings on my mid-range PC and I'm getting 30-40fps.

blackmanone3506d ago

Ah yes the "anyone who doesn't agree with me is a fanboy" argument.

Hassassin3505d ago

I'm a major skeptic... guess I'll try it sometime to see for myself :)

Dragonborn3123505d ago

I should clarify. The game is incredible; the press has praised it, anybody who has played it for that matter has praised it. So that is why when I say that people who are saying it is "bad" or do not think it is special and is just a bland FPS must be fanboys or just major skeptics. I just don't understand how with all the positivity and praise around the game, people can still be labelling it as another bland FPS. Titanfall is special, and if you don't believe me, then just ask anybody else who has played it. :)

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Ashby_JC3506d ago

Hype wagon.

If the people who played the BETA and still are excited AFTER playing it. How can they be dissaponted with a FULL release in a few weeks?

Me myself...I was excited based off videos and from people who played it.

I played the BETA and after 1-3 games I was not hyped....
....BUT......once I put some more time into the game and understood what Respawn was going for....I started to embrace it more.

Me im not the most observant person so I watched others play (twitch, youtube) I picked up some tidbits and tricks as far as moving around the map...using titans etc.

I look forward to playing the FULL game March 11th.

And at the same time I can see many many being underwhelmed by the game. Its not for everyone.

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