Metal Gear Solid 4 in Israel? speculates if Metal Gear Solid 4 will take place in Israel.

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Dmac6551d ago

I'm looking forward to this game. The first MGS game i played was MGS3 and got hooked with the story. AS for "does this matter?", I somewhat agree with you, its not news. It clearly states that they "speculates it will take place in Israel." Just by watching the video, we all could tell it was somewhere in the Middle East.

USMChardcharger6551d ago

i have not played a metal gear game since the first one on NES.
but a friend of mine said that in one, you had to stop every so often to smoke a cigerette or your guy would start freakn out.
is this true? and if so, was that fun or a pain?
and to the people who have played splinter cell and MGS...which is better in your opinion.
(i ask because i almost bought a copy for the one that came out on xbox from the bargin bin)

Shadow Flare6551d ago (Edited 6551d ago )

ive never had to do that smokin thing before, but something about it rings a bell. I know you could smoke a cig to show up laser beams, but im pretty sure its not true.

As for mgs or splinter cell, there both good in there own ways but i'll put it like this.

Splinter Cell is a proper stealth game and is quite cool but the storys are well, crap. I cant remember a single story. And its not really relevant when you play the game. And when you get caught, you have to start from the freakin beginning.

Metal Gear Solid is flippin wicked game to me. The characters are great, you get cyborg ninjas, you get stealth camoflage, you get really cool boss fights, you get great music, loads of secrets, seriously in depth story (and every game is a link to the big story puzzle), you get the REALLY cool metal gear robots, you always have cool little quests you have to figure out and complete, and also when soldiers spot you, you have to run and hide but then they start searching the rooms out and stuff and check cabinets to see if your hiding in there. Basically, once ive completed mgs, id want to play it again for sure, but with splinter cell, its a good game but its boring, linear and unrememberable.

Metal Gear Solid is far better

Phytonadione6551d ago

Well to be fair, both games are very linear. You obviously have your different ways to go about a mission, but yeah, in most missions for SC, if you get caught, game over. In MGS, if you get caught, there is a chance of evading the onslaught of enemy soldiers that will be alerted. Obviously, that in itself makes MGS a little more unrealistic regarding gameplay, but I think that it makes it challenging enough without it becoming too frustrating. I personally like games that are very challenging, but at the same time make me want to come back for more. I had a bad experience with SC on a certain stage, where I had gone through a level and did everything I could do and spent the next hour and half trying to figure out how to get out. The exit ended up being a vent shaft in a dark corner of a corridor. Im not asking for an arrow to point me in the right direction, just a sense of fluidity in the action.

USMChardcharger6551d ago

well, i have played every splinter cell and chaos theory is the only game i have gone back and played 5 times. when they finally let you save at any point was so freakn simple yet genious.
but anyways, the responses from you guys raised more questions for me about MGS and now i have to find out why you guys are so pumped about it.
thanks for taking the time to fill me in.
if i like it, too bad the others are not on the xbox.
but if you are like me, my wallet will only allow one system.
game on fellow gamers(pc,xbox,ps, and nintendo people)

The_Firestarter6551d ago

Believe me, Splinter Cell is cool!I'm finishing up Chaos Theory now, but the MGS franchise is just astonishing!It's an amazing franchise, just as Splinter Cell is, but I REALLY don't understand why everybody compares SC vs. MGS. It's, in my opinion, like comparing an SUV to a station wagon. They're both cars (stealth action) but have their obvious differences. I get a WHOLE DIFFERENT vibe from playing MGS to SC, but that's just me talking.

The_Firestarter6551d ago

...NOOOOOOOO!!! This sux real badly, I wish that we could play as Raiden! So many ppl. hated Raiden for MGS2, but I liked the guy. Now all of a sudden EVERYBODY loves him, and I don't blame them. I just REALLY wish we could play as Raiden in MGS4. T_T we need Raiden...just one last time... before MGS goes out the door and the franchise ends. :( :( GO KOJIMA!!! I can't wait until you finish ZOE3! >,<

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