The Order: 1886 to Look Better at Release; "Big" Project in the Works; Driveclub “Soon” – Insider

Industry Insider Ahsan Rasheed, also known as Thuway, had another serving of leaks to share today on Sony’s future releases and projects.

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mania5681798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

ready at dawn is doing an impressive title, if they say the game can become even better at release it gets me even more excited, same thing happened to god of war 3 back in the day that came out more impressive than the demos showned, looking forward some release dates for driveclub and the order and always interested in hearing about new ps4 exclusives

thereapersson1798d ago

I would certainly hope the game looks better by release, considering it's still quite a ways off from being released.

morganfell1798d ago

Going to have to be big to beat The Order. The new footage is incredible:

thereapersson1798d ago

Haha, I don't get the disagrees...

All I was doing was replying to the first part of Mania's post, "if they say the game can become even better at release", which relates to the fact that games USUALLY always follow the trend of looking better by release. That said, it's just the hope that the game can look even more staggeringly great by the time the game comes out, considering there is still quite a bit more development time.

Saigon1798d ago


Thank you!

UltimateMaster1798d ago

Article ~
Like this has to be said, the Order will look better once final build is released. Not going to be a situation where you see downgrades.

And prepare yourself next for Drive Club (actually for MLB, but I know nothing about baseball). BUT DRIVE CLUB HNNNNG
The new projects for Sony’s first party will slowly trickle out as the months go by. There is one BIG unannounced one that I can’t get info.

I don’t know when it will be announced, maybe next year or whenever, but there is something very impressive internally.

I’ve actually been working on finding more out for months, and nothing Oh well, say Hi to Drive Club soon fellas.

I’ll put it to you this way- the only information I know: this game will set a benchmark for Sony quality.

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Bathyj1798d ago

God I love that music.

Why o why1798d ago

First time ive seen that...... nice 1

maddskull1798d ago

see the comments of the video one butthurt said that this looks like ryse and it has bad gameplay

Unreal011798d ago

That gameplay is amazing. Is that all we're being showed today though, or is there more? I heard they'll be showing stuff at 14:00GMT.

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xReDeMpTiOnx1798d ago

It already looks beyond amazing. But once it's done with polish phase my eyes just might melt.

Can't wait to hear some PC players perspective on the graphics because that's some eye candy right there.

thereapersson1798d ago

I'm sure there will be tons of nitpicking and passive, jaded commentary on how this game isn't impressive considering what hardware it's being released on and the fact that the systems just launched yet we already have game footage of this caliber.

The best strategy is to ignore all the hater nonsense and enjoy these games that we'll soon have the pleasure of experiencing.

KakashiHotake1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

I game on PC and even I'm amazed.

TheOrder18861798d ago

Funny how all those PC gamers are talking about their graphics, will their are all playing ugly indies like Minecraft, Dayz, Rust and GMOD for example :)

saint_seya1798d ago

I dont see the need of that.. there's awesome games on pc too.. and calling ugly a game because is published by indies is nonsense..

KakashiHotake1798d ago

The thing I like most about PS4 is their not relying on 3rd parties to sell their consoles. They made their console powerful enough to get the best quality out of multiplats, but also their own in house studios are doing amazing things. So far Infamous and The Order both have set benchmarks as far as I'm concerned but there's still so much we don't know. However I can trust in Sony's word as they have the track record to back up the talk.

Edit: This is a repost but still applies.

TimeSkipLuffy1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

As an exclusive game I hope this will turn out great! The exclusives games so far haven't got super high scores and I have to admit they haven't got the WOW factor FOR ME. If not this game then Uncharted 4 will do it for sure but I really hope this will be the first WOW game for me! :D Actually it could be Infamous already *____*

KakashiHotake1798d ago

To be fair launch games hardly ever have a wow factor. I been saying for the longest it isn't fair to judge these consoles by their launch lineup. It's the games that come after that really define what the console can actually do. Now that people are seeing gameplay of games like Infamous, The Order, MGS 5, FFV, and Drive Club people are starting to see the PS4's true potential.

TimeSkipLuffy1798d ago

I don't judge the console for their launch titles :D. Why should I? A piece of hardware is no game ^^.
Of course the best games usually come pretty late in the life cycle of a console.
Just look at The Last of Us. A masterpiece!
I just wanted Knack and Killzone to be much better but I am eagerly awaiting Infamous!!! Love the previous Infamous games *____*

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