IGN: Strider Review

Strider Hiryu has always seemed like the Boba Fett of the Capcom universe - iconic looks, massively popular with fans, yet has never really had a chance to fully deliver on his enormous potential. Double Helix’s 2014 reboot of the flashy platform series fleshes out the 1989 coin-op original and gives it a light Metroidvania-esque layer of exploration. While its slightly unbalanced design holds it back from being a genuine classic, it nonetheless does enough right to put a swagger back in Strider’s step for the first time in decades

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Genuine-User3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

Looking forward to playing this tomorrow.

DragonPs43266d ago

I thought it was coming out today?

Genuine-User3266d ago

Not for the European market.

DragonPs43266d ago

Hmm they should release it everywhere at the same time. I would hate to play a game a day later when the internet could spoil it.

eferreira3266d ago

Ninja Gaiden > Strider > Shinobi

qcjoe3266d ago

Im in the US and its not showing up on my PS4.