Watch Dogs to have 110 minutes of Cinematics

According to the lead cinematic director Kun Chang, there is 110 minutes of cinematics in the upcoming game Watch Dogs.

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mania5682621d ago

there are 3 games i got to buy this year, watch dogs, infamous second son and the order 1886, it will be a great year for players

C-H-E-F2621d ago

I sure hope that the free roam don't get all Sleeping Dogs on me after completion.

Ashunderfire862621d ago

Hey sleeping dogs is a really good game, don't hate appreciate.

Watchdog should look great fully polished on Next gen.

Derekvinyard132621d ago

Just about to beat sleeping dogs, what u mean? Collectables are pretty fun to get

C-H-E-F2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

I didn't say Sleeping Dogs wasn't a great game @Ashunderfire86. It was a great game, just that life after completion wasn't worth coming back to.

edit:(when I say completion i'm talking about platinum).

DonDon2621d ago

Don't Forget Dark Souls 2, and MGS 5

thorstein2621d ago

What about Dragon Age Inquisition or Deep Down?

elhebbo162620d ago

Dragon Age Inquisition, The Witcher 3, Dark Souls THE RPG'S MAN.

ITPython2620d ago

Excellent, I always love a lot of cinematics. Loved MGS4 partly because if that.

Plus it's always nice to take a small break every now and then to grab a handful of snacks and gel out.

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Synthax2621d ago

Well, actually sounds good, giving that the game will have more than 100 hours.

mania5682621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

its 110 minutes of cinematics not hours, it will defenitely be a huge game if you explore everything and milk the game out for fun but as many can be done in a couple of hours if you rush through it

Synthax2621d ago

That's what I meant, it's not gonna be JUST cinematics.

guitarded772620d ago

110 minutes is one cut-scene for Kojima :D

Paulie_gualtieri2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

Wow i forgot all about this game lol
So many to buy this year :( / :)

XiSasukeUchiha2621d ago

Damn excitement is in the air

Geekman2621d ago

As long as it's not as much cinematics as The Last of Us.

BoNeSaW232621d ago

What was wrong with the cinematics in TLOU?

I thought they balanced story and gameplay very well.

Geekman2621d ago

There's a reason it's reffered to as "Movie of the Year."

badz1492621d ago

Movie of the year? Where? By who? Must be you, right? Because I canct recall any!

I guess that's the only way you can put other games as GoTY, right?

rdgneoz32620d ago

And that's why TLOU has a 95 metacritic rating and won game of the year at the DICE awards which are voted on by "members of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences", not fanboys.

At the DICE awards, it "also won for best game direction, outstanding character performance (Ellie), outstanding achievement in story, outstanding achievement in sound design, outstanding achievement in innovation, outstanding achievement in visual engineering, outstanding achievement in animation, and best adventure game." Definitely sounds like a movie only.

And that's not counting all the other award shows / site / magazine awards.

Master-H2621d ago

The Last of Us has about 2 hours of cinematics , not much different from Watch Dogs, troll.

Geekman2621d ago

That's an hour more of cinematics. That's 60 times WORSE than Watch Dogs. Your trolling is bad and you should feel bad.

Master-H2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

@Geekman not sure if trolls use a different kind of math or just stupid...
Watch Dogs has 110 mins of Cutscenes, TLOU has 2 hours which is 120 mins the last time i checked...that's a 10 minutes difference chief.

And it's only called "Movie of the Year" in the inner xbot circle, guys that had no exclusives to play on the 360 last year so sat down al bitter ,reviewed the TLOU cutscenes on Youtube without playing the game and decided to give it Movie of the Year.. either that or some random trolls quoting them when they're out of material lol

Noctis2620d ago

@geekman: dat stupidity

Funky Town_TX2620d ago

TLOU has lots of cinematic.

showtimefolks2620d ago


butt hurt much?

220 plus GOTY awards, its GAME OF THE YEAR NOT MOVIE

sour grapes since its ps3 exclusive and you can afford a ps3

Beastforlifenoob2620d ago

Actually I had this WII U fanboy called Justindark PM me telling me Uncharted and The Last Of US are casual games and said they shouldnt even be considerd games.

He also has a second account called mango_mochi please help me get him banned.

Justindark2620d ago

Riiiiight i sure said those things. and mango mochi's a friend didn't know it was against the rules on this site to know other people who have accounts anyways your trolling and off topic back to the topic. i herd this game was going to be roughly 100 hours if so i don't think that amount of scenes is a issue knowing the game is so long.

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