Jaw-Dropping Shots from MotorStorm

The awe-inspiring campaign from PS3's launch lineup continues as all-new breathtaking, adrenaline inducing screens appear from this excellent racing title.

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Bhai4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

...look at the "LAST PIC" folks, it just reminds me of 'Cars', as the game now typically looks as good as a CGI movie in quality...and its just PS3 launch yet !

CG-flick 'Cars' here:

videl4449d ago

wow breathtaking graphics! cant wait for it.

xboxlj4449d ago

It does look like CGI. Probably because it is prerendered CGI. I wonder what it really in game and what is prerendered video. Sony is known for misleading with prerendered video. Look at Fatal Inertia.

videl4449d ago

lol, you mean microsoft. many ppl have played motorstorm, and they say all it is awesome, look at ign. and yes the game looks like cgi, but it is realtime! go search a place where they have ps3 and play that game, and i gaurantee you will buy the ps3.

xboxlj4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

I will search for a Target here that has the PS3. If it is as good as people claim and better than the 360 I will try to get a PS3 before the end of the year.

By the way this is the ingame shot (last shot is CGI):

kikilala4449d ago

im drooling over here while envying all the lucky japs gamers who already get their ps3 and the american gamers that will get to buy the console soon...

ASTAROTH4449d ago

LIkE CG!!! I hope My PS3 doesnt freezes like my 360 did when I put Gears of War for half an hour on it. Good graphics means nothing if the hardware is crappy as hell.

soccerstar4449d ago

its not the hardwares fault because my 360 used to do that with elder scrolls and when they finally patched the game it stoped freezing(to bad it was after i got tired of playing it but my bros still like to play it)

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The story is too old to be commented.