PS3 fans quit jobs and postpone engagement to wait in line - Video

Would you quit your job, blow off your girlfriend, or camp in line for over a week for a chance to get a PS3? Here are a few hardcore fans that already have!

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PSN Starfleets4451d ago

Very sad group of men, right there ladies and gentlemen.

GioneBurnz4451d ago

Whata bunch of F UC*ING LOSERS! These guys are the epitomy of crap! 8 Days of camping next to a bestbuy? I'd feel like a homeless bum. To sacrifice your Fiance's ring for a PS3 is so disrespectful. They deserve Waterballoon assaults by the hour.

Razzy4451d ago

"Would you quit your job, blow off your girlfriend..."

Holy SH*# what the hell is wrong with these people?!!? How the hell can you afford a PS3 without a job??
As for the girlfriends, these guys probably only have online chat room chicks (who turn out to be guys) anyways. :)

calderra4451d ago

If you've ever quit a job for a game, you're officially a world-class loser.

If you've ever screwed over your engagement for a game, you're an all-time world-class loser.

If you're one of the guys in this video, you've just been elected the King of All Loser, and for the next generation of videogame, you can live with knowing you'll be held up as the ultimate stereotype of a Sony fan.

Thanks, guys, for giving all fanboys in the world something to make fun of.

[Sorry, Sony fans- it sucks that anyone has to be at all associated with these people.]

kmis874451d ago

There's life and then there's video games. One is more important than the other.

#2, thanks for that, I was pretty ashamed when I read this. I swear not everyone who's gonna get a ps3 will be like this.

MissAubrey4451d ago

its madness! but if they didnt like their job...

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The story is too old to be commented.