Watch Dogs & The Witcher 3: Resolutions On Xbox One vs PS4 Leaked: "900p vs 1080p & 720p vs 900p"

"Hacking Game" terms clearly point towards Ubisoft's upcoming action/adventure title, Watch Dogs, and that Polish Game definitely refers to "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" from CD Project RED.


The PS4 version of The Witcher 3 apparently is 900p currently and are the developers working towards trying to hit 1080p.

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DarkLordMalik3273d ago

"Well know industry insider 'Shinobi602'" - He is not an industry insider. He is not even journalist, just some random NeoGAF user, who might be looking for some fame now.

sam_job3273d ago

earlier predictions from his source were spot on.....

majiebeast3273d ago

He has friends in the industry just like Thuway and Mort.

DarkLordMalik3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

I am not denying this rumor, contrary to what people might be thinking with my comment. I just hate to see this trend of calling everyone an 'industry insider', especially for someone who has no such prior track record. At least Thuway, DemonNite and Famousmortimer have a good track record in this case, not shinobi. It doesn't really make this rumor false, since it is plausible enough and we already heard about Thief/Watchdog res from Thuway.

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Oddly enough he was banned from GAF. I have no idea why or for how long but anyone who uses GAF knows next to your name it says junior member, member, admin. or banned. Two days ago it said banned.

k3rn3ll3273d ago

I'm curious as to how within the past 3 days we have gotten all these leaked resolutions of all these games. All of which are under NDA and some of which don't even have release dates. Are we counting weekly builds now for you resolution nuts? Or are we just trying to downplay a successful weekend for a certain competitor?

Eonjay3273d ago

I think the devs are leaking them so they don't have to say it directly. Only confirming. Only a boss like Kojima has the balls to comes out and be the one to let folks know whats up with his title. I respect that cause I'm tired of all this info through leaks...

k3rn3ll3272d ago

Yea but why would they hurt their own salss like that tho? If I was them I wouldn't tell potential customers on one console that theirr version is inferior. I mean, customers don't want to hear that especially if they can't buy a ps4 to go with the xbox one they already paid for. I think it'll cause some people not to buy the game at all

come_bom3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

Well, I'm playing both games, Watch Dogs & The Witcher 3, in 1080p on the PC :)

Only play exclusives on consoles.

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jackanderson19853273d ago

what a misleading title... says working on getting 1080p for "polish game" and currently at 900p

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Deividas3273d ago

I own a PS4 and even I had to read the article to make sure because I was struggling to believe that the Witcher 3 would be 1080p on it...

But 900p seems reasonable enough, if they can get it to 1080p, awesome, if not...still far better than 720p so ill take it.

Eonjay3273d ago

Yes, 900P for Witcher on PS4 is good.
I also think 900P for Watch Dogs on Xbox is decent. 1080p is obviously a better.

Problem isn't the exclusives, The problem is that everything else that I want to play (want both of these titles) are running better on PS4.

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Could be Dying Light as is a polish game. Anyway, his insider sources were wrong with titanfall, so whatever.

DigitalRaptor3273d ago

"so whatever"

Do you really think any of this is farfetched in the slightest, considering the problems Xbox One has had keeping up hardware wise, and seeing as Kojima, of all people, has come out and confirmed the intense disparity between the two consoles?

BallsEye3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )


There is still lot of problem with developing games on XO for sure but certainly it is not a weak machine. Ryse is still best looking game on any of the consoles and it is confirmed in IGN , GAMESPOT and tons of other reviews and by developers from different companies. If game like ryse which looks sometimes like a damn movie, can run fine on such hardware and then a game that looks last gen is struggling with 720p then there is certainly problem with dev tools for 3rd party etc. You simply can not deny what Ryse pulls off. Go play it, take it as a fact of what console is capable of. All we can do is wait till tools mature.

To remind you. Last gen when 90% of 3rd party games had advantage on XBOX 360 and then one exclusive on ps3 looked better than most games on 360, sony fans were saying it's lazy 3rd party devs and hard coding because HEY LOOK AT UNCHARTED it looks AWESOME! So now I say, HEY LOOK AT RYSE it LOOKS MINDBLOWING! Same thing going on now but table turned and if you disagree you are biggest hipocrite ever.

Skips3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

A POS linear game that runs in 900p and has MASSIVE framerate dips below 20fps is the best Xbox One has to offer in terms of power? lol

I'm willing to bet Ryse would've looked AND performed much better on PS4 though given how almost every multiplat does and the gap between exclusives. (Killzone SF > Ryse , DriveClub > Forza) etc.

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BigShotSmoov0073273d ago

I guess everyone on neogaf is an industry insider huh? Whether this is true or now, there seems to be alot of industry insiders all over the place now. More now that te next gen consoles are out than before.

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