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There's something about Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze that's just a little off. Maybe it's the way Donkey Kong doesn't quite land with the firm-footedness you'd expect from a Nintendo platforming mascot. Maybe it's because, despite the introduction of the likes of Dixie Kong and Cranky Kong as playable characters with new abilities, Tropical Freeze's levels see little in the way of new challenges or designs to accommodate them.

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ape0073391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

a very well designed, charming and extremely fun/addictive platformer with epic soundtrack get a 6?

it's the same site that gave Zelda SS a 7.5 and TLOU an 8 and gave the disappointing MW3(im a huge CoD fan) a 9


NYC_Gamer3391d ago

That's why its always better to play the games for yourself or ask a true fan of the franchise for their opinion

SpiralTear3391d ago

Heaven forbid that people make their own decisions and ideals from video footage and actual gameplay, instead of handing their trust to some random person in an office who just happens to have some position of power at a corporate entity...

ABizzel13391d ago


That's because they hired a bunch of journalist who're casual gamers to review core games.

The guy who reviewed TLoU is an admitted Fifa, Rock Band, and mobile gamer. How can you have someone like that judge a game intended for core gamers.

Many of these new reviewers are complaining about games being hard (one of the main complaints about the Polygon review for TLoU), and I'm like have you not played NSE / SNES games, and you think TLoU is hard.

That's why you can go to one site for reviews, and is one of the only benefits of Metacritic having your favorites in one easy to access place. But the best review is your own personal experience.

LOL_WUT3391d ago

The score seems appropriate don't expect this game to be a game changer for the WiiU ;)

ABizzel13391d ago


I wouldn't have thought it, but Donkey is surprisingly a strong seller for Nintendo. It's right behind Mario and Pokemon for them.

ChickeyCantor3391d ago

"The score seems appropriate don't expect this game to be a game changer for the WiiU ;)"

What does that have to do with anything?

A lot of great games were no game changers.

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Master-H3391d ago

Agreed , Gamespot's been all over the place lately, the last score they gave that i agreed with i think was Dark Souls (9.5).

DialgaMarine3391d ago

It happens bro. On that note however, you can't forget that they were also the only major site to LoZ: ALBW they GotY award for 2013. It's all about difference of opinion. You may think that this is a near perfect platformer, but that doesn't automatically mean it is in everyone else's eyes. You'd be naive and crazy to try and declare otherwise. Just get over it. The game is resting at 82 on Meta currently, and will probably finish at 80/81 or at worst at 79. None of those averages are bad though.

3-4-53391d ago

Didn't GameInformer give it a 9.25/10, and they are notoriously NOT pro Nintendo.

Gamestop, you've had one too many "iffy" reviews in the past year.

You used to have credibility, what happened ?

Beastforlifenoob3391d ago

1 second let me judge your credibility:
You bash the sh** out of gamestop for giving it a 6 and yet they have played it and you haven't. They listed their reasons and you just bashed them for no apparent reasoning.

Wait its a rehashed nintendo game therfore it must deserve a 10/10 /s

TripC503391d ago

@ Beast

He said "iffy" reviews and you say "bash the sh** out of gamestop."

tell me you are joking.

3-4-53391d ago

This is like bringing me in to judge Figure skating. I don't know a damn thing about it so I wouldn't score it properly.

Do they hire Non-gamers to do their reviews ?

Do they take themselves seriously anymore ?

WiiUsauce3391d ago

Destructoid gave it a 10/10, gameinformer gave it a 9.25

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BoneBone3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

In a tidal wave of 9s and 10s, I wonder if feel as stupid as they look.

The reviewer at Kotaku also found the game a bit hard (there's a video of him trying to play it and he blames his wussy amateur gaming skills on the game!!!) - they haven't released their review yet... I wonder why lol?

The state of some people who get into professional paid jobs in gaming is shocking.

Beastforlifenoob3391d ago


They gave a simple -madeforcasuals piece of junk a 6.

Oh but because its a rehashed nintendo title it must desrve a 9 or 10... right guys? RIGHT?

alejandroelputo3391d ago

your mature level is below rock bottom

deafdani3391d ago

Made for casuals?

LMAO. Trust me, Donkey Kong is harder than 90% of games out there.

Go troll elsewhere.

fonger083391d ago

I don't understand why someone who doesn't understand platform games that institute tricky gameplay to add difficulty would review this game? Take, "Sometimes I'd perform a leap of faith during a particularly tricky section only to land on an enemy..." I wonder what this reviewer would have given NES and SNES Mega Mans... 2s? 1s?
@Beastforlifenoob not only does the reviewer never mention it's a causal game, he implies quiet the opposite that if you're not a fan of a challenging platformer, this game isn't for you. Then again you don't read... so yeah.

ZainreFang3391d ago

Disclaimer: This review only applies to people not looking for a challenge.

XxExacutionerxX3391d ago

Wow, Donkey Kong gets a lower score on Gamespot because the game is just too hard. Challenge is why we play games in the first place I thought.

3-4-53391d ago

We play for fun, challenge is sometimes wanted and sometimes not.

How does THIS person get to be the one who gets to review this game though ?

Father__Merrin3391d ago

this is a next gen title on Wiiu, crankey ftw

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