Beyond: Two Souls' David Cage first game developer to receive France's highest honor

French developer David Cage will receive the Legion of Honour for his work in the video game industry.

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GentlemenRUs3810d ago


I did like it myself, I don't care who says what about it.

kx113810d ago

france is so boring they gave a boring game developer some noble medal lolz

AnteCash3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

They should give you a medal instead for your contribution to gaming industry.

kx113810d ago

i bought a lot of games so i'm helping the industry :)

morganfell3810d ago

David Cage has been the reason more gamers purchased more titles than you will in a lifetime. His approach has subtly altered the game industry and he is one of the few people that is assisting in altering the manner in which the general public views our hobby. When you have come close to that perhaps you can have a medal. Until then be happy amusing yourself and framing your trolling award certificate.

Master-H3810d ago

France sent you a medal too kx11, it's for poor trolling, it's waiting for you in your cave, now go back in there..

Saito3810d ago

Buying COD repeatedly isn't a great contribution buddy. You're destroying it.

kx113810d ago

without COD this industry would die off to mobile gaming

not that i'm a fan of COD but i'm trying to inform you that COD is more than a shooter unfortunately

Porcelain_Chicken3810d ago

You hate on France, mock their ways, then insult a man who strives to create diversity in a time when it's needed the most. Also i'm assuming the man has a family to feed.

**Insert "You are a terrible human being" Giff here**

kx113810d ago

all i'm saying is that beyond was boring

i liked HR a lot BTW

Porcelain_Chicken3810d ago

"all i'm saying is that beyond was boring"

No it's not. Nowhere in your original post did you even hint at that. It was basically, France is boring, Cage is boring. Period. It's where all your disagrees are coming from.

"without COD this industry would die off to mobile gaming"

No... the gaming industry existed way before CoD. It will just as easily thrive without it.

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CrossingEden3810d ago

Damn it, this is the last thing that someone as egotistical as David Cage needs.

WeAreLegion3810d ago

David Cage is the furthest thing from egotistical that a human being can be. He's a humble and grateful person. Always has been.

Banok3810d ago

If he was the furthest thing from egotistical you wouldn't even know his name

PrinceOfAllSaiyans3810d ago

Can't wait to see what Cage has in store for PS4.

gamerstation1513810d ago

How? Oh yeah, "Frances highest honor". No other award show with any knowledge of games would give him an award.

WeAreLegion3810d ago

Quantic Dream and David Cage have received awards for Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain...both in the gaming industry and from interactive arts groups.

I love their games.

gamerstation1513810d ago

Sorry to break it to you, but they are all awful.

Porcelain_Chicken3810d ago

Hey WeAreLegion, did you not get the memo? gamerstation151 speaks for mankind. If he says QD's games are terrible it's beca...

You know what gamerstation151, it's easier to just call you a st**id troll. WeAreLegion is spot-on.

gamerstation1513810d ago

Less of the attacks please. I was just stating my opinion. You gotta admit WeAreLegion is arguing on the less supported side.

Porcelain_Chicken3810d ago

Sorry about the insults that was me being an stupid.

But again I disagree. WeAreLegion IS correct about QD & Cage. Whether you & I agree with him or not. He IS speaking facts. In the form of facts. You outright said uh nope he hasn't received awards, his games are terrible. When in fact he kinda has. Speaking a personal opinion as fact. It's done here on a regular basis and quite frankly it's dumb & annoying.

gamerstation1513810d ago

I said no other award show with "Any knowledge of games". Granted it is hyperbolic, but it can't be proved false.

And opinion as fact is an accepted persuasive technique. Not that my post was persuasive in any way.

David Cages games are pretty awful, and I could accept that, if he didn't actually think he is the savior of the industry. The man is the most annoying public developer in the industry.