What's on your (hypothetical) Xbox 540 wish list?

Rumors of an Xbox "520"-basically a half-step between the Xbox 360 and, say, the next-next gen console, the 720-have been circulating for...well, just about as long as the 360's been out.

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pwnmaster30004904d ago

ummm... for me just better games and and and yeah just better games then this crappy 360 08 games. imean look at 360, lots and imean lots of 360 fans especially power of green said lots of games will be announce at micro gamers day, but it didnt it went down alan wake is 08 now tales of vesperia is multi to ps3. geez

ericnellie4904d ago (Edited 4904d ago )

Line up is pretty good. Sure, Sony has a better 08 line-up and Sony's exclusive line up is phenominal and you can't hold everyone to that. Last year's 360 line-up was phenominal and blew Sony out of the water but each system will have it's own year or quarter or month. I don't think you can call the 2008 360 line-up horrible (even with multi-plat games) we've had or will have by year's end:
Lost Odysessy
Mass Effect
Ninja Gaiden II
Too Human
Splinter Cell: Conviction
Fable 2
Rainbow Six Vegas 2
Fallout 3
Gears of War 2
Age of Conan (MMO)
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
Saints Row 2

These games to name a few make the 08 line up pretty decent. Stop trolling buddy and stick to your PS3 news articles;)

pwnmaster30004904d ago (Edited 4904d ago )

why should i only stay in the ps3 section wen i have all 3 consoles, im just disappointed in there "EXCLUSIVE LINE UP" im not talking about both exclusive and multi for the 360

ApocalypseShadow4904d ago

but the only ones that will come to pass is whatever microsoft decides to copy from nintendo and sony after "THEY" make it.

just like before...

usb...we'll add that just like sony did on ps2
dvd...we'll add that just like sony did
1080p..we'll add that just like sony did
hdmi...we'll add that just like sony did
rumble built inside controller...we'll add that just like sony did
hard drive...we'll add that just like sony did with the OG PS2
larger hard drive...we'll add this after saying 20gig was enough and sony having a bigger,switchable hdd
BC...we'll add that just like sony did
motion control...we'll add that just like nintendo and sony did
video camera...we'll add that just like sony did
video service...we'll add that and get it out before sony does like they were saying they will do years earlier
high def media...we'll add that but end up losing with an add-on that has never ever sold in large amounts from 64dd,32x to sony's hdd
casual controller...we'll add that just like sony did with BUZZ
singing game...we'll add that just like sony did with singstar
play-create-share games...we'll add that like sony showed with LBP

and as microsoft thought sony would recreate XBL,sony said,"we'll make a 3D community.""not XBL."and watch,microsoft will just add something like it later'll see.....they have no original bone in their bodies at microsoft except for what they know best.which is software only.

but copying is their way of life.disagree,and i'll just bring up MAC OS and IPOD.


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The Wood4904d ago

that woke me up

my list: hdd as standard, larger media, cheaper peripherals, quieter and yeah, more reliable hardware

kwicksandz4904d ago

Your comment makes post birth abortion seem like a good thing

And your stealing rumble line ROFL! How about sony stealing rumble and analogue control just like NINTENDO did?

dan-boy4904d ago

did sony creat video games in the first place?? coz i swear i was playing an atari vcs2600 back in the early eighties?? and i'm sure my master system was made by sega, and my nes ny nintendo??

the creche is that way------> go and play with other fanboys!

on topic. i don't want a mid life change for the 360, i want new, improved and much more powerful hardware in 2010. five years after the 360 was launched.

sporting: a blu-ray player, a custom built and powerful cpu, a custom built and powerful gpu, 2-4 gig of ram and a hdd as standard! and definately keep the 360 pad for the next console! you cant and dont need to change perfection. the 360 pad is the best i've used in over 2 decades of gaming... imo ofcourse

ceedubya94904d ago

Didn't you have more bubbles a few days ago???

Don't make it seem like Micro is the only one copying off of another company. They all do it. They all want to create something similar to the competition, but just a little bit better. No console maker or game maker is exempt from this. If you think otherwise, then you are obviously blinded by the Sony shield my friend.

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Mr_Potato_4904d ago

... with a failure rate under 50 % ! Maybe they should ask Sony to build their consoles.

Le-mo4904d ago

How about a reliable console? :/

madness4904d ago

why copy sony and nintendo? they need to innovate by doing the complete opposite!


aggh im on fire4904d ago

there not releasing a half way step its just the same console with a new chip set to make it quiter and cheaper to make. Duh...

Fishy Fingers4904d ago (Edited 4904d ago )

Its not even that, it's just another rumour that people have seemed to run with.

MS have already countered and stated "no new xbox in 2009". Yet people continue to talk about it??? < MS saying NO.

Mr_Potato_4904d ago

They HAVE to release another console soon or the video game business could be over for them. 360 will die, it has been outsold for months worldwide, and the gap will increase a lot with MGS and other PS3 exclusives.

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