Firmware 2.35 does NOT fix GTA IV

As you should already know, firmware 2.35 is now available for download. On the official Playstation Blog, where the news has erupted, user stlthriot asked in a comment if the new firmware would fix GTA IV.

A staff member replied:

"I just want to clarify that this upcoming firmware update isn't related to GTA IV. For those of you who may still have an issue playing the game on your PS3, we have identified a solution that should resolve the issue. You can contact SCEA Consumer Services for support - their contact info and hours of service, as well as more information on this issue, are available in our Knowledge Center ("

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I_killed_TheMart4789d ago

Why fix this sh*tty game? can't believe the idiots that actually bought this game....first off the graphics aren't any good, gameplay is not innovative & its pretty much the exact same as the recent GTA games with a cover system and HD. PA-F*CKEN-THETIC. I gave it a rent and gave it back with billions of scratches!

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trancefreak4789d ago

This update will magically fix hazes graphics before the 20th. Also the dload is slow as sh11t

Varsarus4789d ago

It will update all the crap stuff, nothing new.

Omegasyde4789d ago

I hope atleast Rockstar patches the servers. I hate get that stupid error, "one or more players disconnected/ returning to single player" bullcrap.

We shouldn't expect Sony to fix the problems with GTA4 anyways. The problems don't originate from Sony, but of the developer. I am sure Rockstar is working around the clock.

Snukadaman4789d ago

Both company's blamed one its sony blaming rockstar and vice versa....what a nightmare.

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