NIS goes PlayStation heavy in 2014

Staying with its recent trend, video game publisher Nippon Ichi Software will once again go PlayStation heavy for 2014.

chikane3774d ago


PS4 is only 6 days away from lunching in japan

TomShoe3774d ago

Some free context for everybody:

The reason NIS leans Playstation is not just because they're Japanese, but also because they make very niche titles. Between Xbox and PS, the taste in games is very different. Playstation gamers normally have a wide taste of games such as niche JRPGs (especially in Japan) and Story based games like Persona. The Xbox market is primarily US based, so it leans towards most FPS titles, racing, and sports games.

The only reason NIS doesn't publish a lot on Xbox is because there's not much of an audience there, so it doesn't make financial sense to do so.

Hicken3774d ago

Yeah, the PS4 will feast on the competition when it lunches.

Hanso3774d ago

Disgaea 5 on ps4 i can only jizz

Inception3774d ago

Sooner or later, i think they will release D5 for PS4 and Vita. But i can see NIS making new IP's for both platform too.

Hanso3774d ago

Disgaea is my favorite series from them but i also enjoy their new games like Z.H.P(PSP)its spiritual succesor Guided Fate Paradox and really looking forward to Witch and the 100 Knights.
And of course Disgaea 4 A Promise Revisited on Vita.

hulk_bash19873774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

NIS is where I go to get my Niche Japanese games. My current Obsession is Danganronpa.

admiralvic3774d ago

"Staying with its recent trend"

Recent? Nippon Ichi / NISA have been 90%+ Sony side for as long as I can remember.

Sharius3774d ago

and playstation will go heavy japanese game this gen, god, i love that

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