Naughty Dog On Why The Last of Us Needed Combat

Neil Druckmann explains why Naughty Dog explored the chance of removing combat in The Last of Us DLC, but ultimately decided against it.

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Smashbro291707d ago

Also without combat it's more or less a walking from point A to point B simulator.

caseh1707d ago

If you would like to see this concept in action, play Outlast. In a word, tedious.

ziggurcat1707d ago

it's more than just walking from point A to B, though... and it's more like running for your life from point A to B... haha :(

Whitefox7891707d ago

It would pretty much just be Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

plaZeHD1707d ago

Simple. Because we don't need interactive movies.

Mikefizzled1707d ago

David Cage thinks otherwise

HeWhoWalks1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

David Cage offers something different than most traditional games. I see nothing wrong with that.

OT: The combat in TLOU was, frankly, as good as it needed to be. I thought it was well-balanced, fierce, and fit the game perfectly.

C-H-E-F1707d ago

David Cage games are very intriguing, although you are in an "interactive" movie like experience you have decisions that changes the games "move like" experience dramatically. So the game become wrapped around the players choices, so it then become something like the average game you do missions/objective/play the story and sequences unravel, but with a twist you create the story it's not going to be the same if you choose to let someone die opposed to letting them live like 90% of the games out there.

Neixus1707d ago

Even though the combat in TLoU isn't the main selling point, it was incredible polished. Throwing a brick at someone, stunning them, then run towards them and dash their head in :o

Alexious1707d ago

Yes, and it was visceral, punches were literally FELT.

The Last of Us is rightfully praised for its story, but the combat was a resounding success as well, and a major improvement over Uncharted in my opinion.

PoSTedUP1707d ago

yep. combat is excellent. scissors attched to a pipe-to the head.. wahtt the f***... O_O. so real and detailed.

CrossingEden1707d ago

For sales ofc. The Last of Us is the safest triple A game to come out this year.

zerocrossing1707d ago

It came out last year, now stop trolling.

Alexious1707d ago

You don't seem to know a lot about this game.

Mr_cheese1707d ago

I'm not judging you based one your one buble, i'm judging you because your comment is aweful.

Master-H1707d ago

It came out last year, and it was a new IP, which in itself is a big risk, you're seriously trying to tell me The Last of Us was less of a risk than say..what's the one single exclusive xbox got in 2013..oh right Gears of Bore : Judgement ? the 4th title in a franchise with nothing new to differentiate it from the previous entries except it's degrade in quality..

Baka-akaB1707d ago

There is nothing safe from the gameplay , about it involving some stealth , cautiousness and use of sound detection mechanics , cover , instead of plainly shooting "zombies" in masses .

You are being bitter

ginsunuva1707d ago

He's just trollin you. Replying with seriousness to him makes him happy.

Alexious1707d ago

Yeah, my troll detection senses are all tingling.

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Master-H1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

The combat was awesome and finely tuned with recoil instead of easy mode like most 3rd person shooters, plus ammo is scarce. I still remember the first time i shived someone in mp randomly..